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CoolTOYZ Store Warranty Policy + New, Demo, Refurbished or Used?

On the comment that - "basically, all laptops are made in China these days..."

A reply from Satch - "The difference is in the varying degrees of actual enforcement of quality control, especially if the blueprints were designed in other countries and there are foreign experts consultants that oversee the manufacturing process in China.

But a product designed from the ground up in China by a Chinese company and built there too... that's quite disconcerting. And that's by experience, not superstitious opinion.
- 04Jan2008

Updated: March 2007:

We are glad we have raised the bar among laptop sellers.
Apparently other sellers have been copying / imitating everything we are doing.

To raise the bar further, and for the benifit of the consumers, we are posting our warranty policy at the website.
We hope the other sellers will follow this practice as well for the benefit of fellow laptop users

- Warranty may be claimed at the authorized service center of the brand in the Philippines or overseas where the brand has representation.
- Customers overseas may request the if transfer of ownership of the unit to claim warranty.
- Models under International Warranty may also be brought to the shop for warranty claim.

- There are models offered by brands intended for specific markets only like ASIA, Europe or Africa. If you purchased the item in Europe and you are in Asia the warranty will be honored.
- Regional Warranty means that the Warranty may be claimed at the authorized service center of the brand in the Philippines or in the Region where the item was released.
- Models under Regional Warranty may also be brought to the shop for warranty claim.
- Any charges as a result of the customer directly bringing the item to the service center is not the responsibility of CoolTOYZ.
- example: Lenovo 3000 Consumer line is only extended Regional Warranty.

- Warranty may only be claimed at the store where the item was purchased. International Warranty of the brand may not apply to the Philippines leading to the shop extending the warranty.
- any charges as a result of the customer directly bringing the item to the service center is not the responsibility of the CoolTOYZ.
- example of brands without international warranty: Dell Inspiron and Acer

- Warranty may be claimed at the STORE where the item was purchase or claimed at the authorized service center of the brand in the Philippines or overseas where the brand has representation.
- Unit owner can bring the unit to the shop where it was purchased and CoolTOYZ will be responsible to bring the item to the local distributor or the brand authorized service center.
- Owner of the unit will not pay for any facilitation process as long as unit is under warranty.

- Items for warranty must be brought directly to the distributor.
- because of low margins on the unit, budget was not incorporated for our company to bring the items to the distributor.
- Owner of the unit is responsible to bring the item directly to the distributor for serve and repairs.
- CoolTOYZ has the option to charge facilitation fee to bring the item to the distributor.

For any questions please send us an email at inquiry@cooltoyzph.com
Thank You


WHAT TO BUY? Brand New - Demo Unit - Refurbished - Used Laptop

INTRODUCTION: (last Updated September 2006)

A few weeks back an old time customer visited us to "scratch" an upgrade itch...
Prof. Chito purchased a demo unit laptop from CoolTOYZ around a year ago.
Nothing was wrong with his Dothan Core laptop
...battery lasted for 4.5hours, everything worked and was sufficient for this needs.
Rather he was attracted by the "Clearview" display prevalent in the newer laptops.
Spending a lot of time in front of the laptop, his primary consideration was the
quality of the display in order to avoid eye strain.

We put out the laptops he short listed side-by-side and allowed professor to test.
a. He was "disappointed" with the "clearview" display.
while others love the clearview display he found the new display technology had too much glare.
b. The Clearview display has sharper colors but his 1 year old laptop had a "whiter" display
c. He was also dissappointed that the brand new laptop was only rated for 2.5hours
whereas his 1 year old laptop was providing 4.5hours.
d. The keyboards on the newer laptops also did not feel responsive compared to his existing unit.

Professor went home, Happy with his existing 1-Year Old laptop.

The experience of Professor remind us why we opened the store in the 1st place.
Selling a unit is secondary.
Of primary importanace is for the prospective buyer to find a match for his needs,
by allowing our fellow laptop enthusiasts to "Experience" units before purchase.
Not because it is the latest does it mean it will meet your "needs"
the best gauge of the best laptop is still Hands-on-Experience.


Updated: January 2006

Notebook computers are now out-selling desktops for the first time in history. Laptops are replacing the old desktop computer, whose days may just be numbered. It won't be long before laptops are also out-performing them as well.. Notebooks serve all manner of purposes from simple word processing and web browsing to high-end 3D gaming. They're far more versatile than desktops for several reasons:

First off is the convenience.
Not only the speakers, monitor, and CPU, but the keyboard, UPS battery, and, to a lesser extent, the mouse, are all together on any notebook PC. No cords, no mess, no need for expensive peripherals.

And then there's the portability.
Feel like getting some fresh air, but have to write up a report? Just caught word of a big LAN party? Want to watch a DVD on the airplane trip? Just pick up and go. Laptops aren't just a specialty item for businessmen anymore; sure, the Thinkpad and it's clones still exist for the security and durability a business needs, but laptops are also available in more practical configurations: there are models as inexpensive as powered by Sempron or Celeron-M processors and integrated GPUs, with meager amounts of RAM and tiny hard drives; however, there are also god-like gaming rigs, , with powerful Pentium-M 770 or Athlon 64 processors, dedicated, interchangable GPUs, huge, fast hard drives, and gobs of RAM.

Just about anything a desktop can do, a laptop can too. There are exceptions, however: Notebooks just don't have the mind-boggling array of performance upgrades desktops do, and they generally can't recieve much in the way of major upgrades. You also aren't gong to be picking up a new laptop with 512MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a Sempron 3000+ for $300; they just plain cost more than desktops. It's the classic tradeoff of convenience versus cost.

But based on experience, once you get a good notebook, you'll never be able to buy a desktop again...

The first thing you need to do is to put yourself in the right attitude ...the one that acknowledges that no matter what you BUY TODAY, there is going to be bigger / better / fancier model tomorrow, and for Less Money. Laptop technology is changing so fast new innovations are coming on stream as you read this article... Laptop or notebook computer technology is advancing at a blistering speed. Ferrari fast. So fast that by the time you purchase your new laptop, it's probably already obsolete or out of date. A sobering thought considering the hefty prices you have to pay for a high-end laptop.

That is just the way it is with Technology-based products and unless you have an endless supply of money staying on the leading - or bleeding - edge of computer technology can quickly drain your bank account.

The HEALTHIEST approach when shopping for a computer is to choose a model that will meet your needs NOW and for the next 18-Months

A computer is not an investment - It is an Expense.
Buy it and don't look back!

A good Read on Buying Tips:<click here>


We are fellow computer users & understand your need for balance of Product Affordability & Quality.
For this reason we offer Brand New, Display/Demo, Refurbished and Used Laptops to match your budget.

Post Mark: Buying a Laptop is no different from buying a Car.
You have two choices.
First - buy a Brand New Car or Second - Buy a pre-owned car
If resources are available then "lucky you!", you may purchase a high end brand new vehicle.
However if resources are limited you have two options.

First Choice, get a level entry Korean Made vehicle that may not have the WoW Factor and the bling-blings...but nevertheless brand new.

Second Choice... here is the exciting part - you can purchase an old Model MB and experience German Engineering and find out why MB buyers are "anal" / passionate about their cars.

Imagine driving an older vehicle with power seats, electronic climate control, on-board diagnostic panels that tell if if you need to change oil, power sunroof, Cruise Control(my wife's new Toyota Fortuner does not even have these features).

Moreover, have you noticed how many times an older MB gets more attention in a restaurant or hotel than your brand new Jap? or how MB owners do not get stoped by MMDA... LoL! (Obviously the writer happens to be part of the later among the examples)

Going back to buying Laptops...
You can buy the latest laptop today and tomorrow a new model comes out.

Buying the "Latest Model" is really not a "valid" reason to purchase Brand new.
Buying "Brand New" only becomes "wise" given the warranty extended by the Vendor or the Manufacturer.

To provide our fellow laptop users an option and the confidence to purchase other than Brand New laptop, we offer Warranty even on Display, Demo, Refurbished and Used Laptops. Display Units are like the last Car in the showroom that maybe have had plenty of people sit on them, look at the engine, but has never been driven. Demo Units are like the test-drive unit is a car dealership. Refurbished are Pre-Owned but Factory Certified cars. Used Laptops are well... Used. Allow us to discuss in detail

These are factory fresh Laptops and have Manufacturer and/or Store Warranty
Warranty will depend on the Brand - It can be 1 year to as long as 3 years.
Warranty is provided directly by the Local Distributor or through CoolTOYZ

Warranty will be dependent on the remaining warranty offered by the manufacturer or at Least 3 month on Parts from Manufacturer and 6-Months Service Warranty from CoolTOYZ.

These are Shelf display Units or Demonstration Units in exhibits.
Majority are 1 to 2 Months old and aside from being tested by customers have not been used by one single individual. If we did not tell you these could easily pass as brand new.
Like brand new units these come with complete Manuals, Drivers and Recovery CDs

REFURBISHED ((for more informationRefurbished laptops))
Warranty is at least 3-month Limited on Parts and 6-Months Service Warranty.

A refurbished computer is one that is sent back to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons, refitted with different parts as necessary, and then tested and approved for resale by the manufacturer. Yes, this could mean that a computer was returned because it did not work properly. But, this is not always the case. There is a excellent chance that the problem was nothing more than a cosmetic defect, such as a small ding on the monitor. Or it could be that a custumer recieved the wrong model, but had already opened the box.

Most importantly, refurbished doesn't mean that you're buying a computer with a defect or something else wrong with it. All computers go through the same testing and approval process refurbished and new alike.

Buying refurbished doesn't mean you're stuck with an outdated machine. While computers are forever becoming faster and able to hold more data on larger hard drives, the basics of the computer are still the same. If you just want an inexpensive computer to do e-mail, surf the Internet, balance your checkbook, play a few games, and do some word processing, you might want to invest in a refurbished model. Most are still upgradeable in case you want to add more memory, a larger hard drive, or even a faster processor later on

USED Laptops
Warranty is at least 1-month on Parts and 6-Months Service Warranty.

These are PRE-OWNED Laptops, either from trade-in or bought outright by CoolTOYZ.
These Laptops show sign of use but have been tested by COOLTOYZ to perform as original
Warranty on these Laptops is limited to 6-Months Service Warranty provided by CoolTOYZ.

If After all the Evaluation you made, you are still not Happy with your purchase, within 30-Days you may Replace your unit for a 30% Re-stocking Fee*

Lee Iacocca said -
"The danger is to make a decision based on 100% of the facts.
You never get all the facts.
If you wait, by the time you ge them,
your facts will be out of date.
Because the market has moved on.
At some point, you have to take the leap of faith.
Because even the right decision is wrong it it is made too late.
Good Information is not like wine, it does not age well...

Our response - Thankfully there is CoolTOYZ where you can
purchase past laptop models that have been reviewed and "evaluated-to-death"
Yet, with Warranty to safeguard your purchase and for your peace of mind...

About Generic / OEM / Whitebox Laptops: please read before purchasing <click here>

A Short Warning about Japanese Surplus Laptops. . .
In 2003 we took a stand against Japanese Surplus Laptops. Japanese Surplus Laptops have become abundant in the local market. Since these were made for the Japanese Market, You can spot them because they have an extra row of keyboard keys to make space for the Japanese Characters. These Laptops when loaded with an English OS will have the keys in the wrong position: [b]& * ( ) - = _ + { } : ; <> ? / . , - will all be in wrong keys. Unlike a desktop where the keyboard is external, the keyboard of the laptop is built in.

To offer these for sale was a very hard temptation to resist because the Prices were too good to be true. But after testing several brands we could not get ourselves to sell a Laptop we ourselves would NOT USE! The keyboard keys did not correspond to the characters appearing on the display the Japanese keyboard was simply not compatible the English Language! Two years later our decision was proven correct as the trend of Japanese Surplus Laptops died because of unfavorable customer experience.

A letter from a site visitor:
i have read your articles on the so called problems with japanese keyboard using the english microsoft windows version/operating system which you reported that many people complain of using japanese laptops with japanese keyboard and the so customer unfavorable experience...with cheaper japanese second hand laptops.

i have surfed the internet and i found a website that solves the problem using the japanese keyboard.
the website is : <click here>

It also has solution to windows xp, windows 98 and windows me. even problem with dos o.s., the website also has a solution to it.

Now that this website is available for everyone to access, there is no more problem with using and buying cheaper japanese second hand laptops.

Please share/post it mam/sir in your website, so that the people will have cheaper solution to avail laptop, if they have limited budget.

Our take: The link has been around for a long time. Unfortunately while it solves the issue on the "keys" as appearing on the display, the Japanese keybaord still does not correspond to the standard "QUERTY" layout... below is a layout of a Japanese Keyboard.

vs. US Keyboard

<click here>

and now we have UK Keybaord layout mostly from Middle East Countries
- note: extra key near right "Enter" key and "@" not above Key No.2

What is the best brand?
There is no single best brand... although we prefer and use DELL Laptops. Why? <click here>

Different people have different requirements and thus the laptop that fit the requirement as close as possible is the best laptop.
At CoolTOYZ you have the option to choose from over laptop laptop models to determine the best match.

Final Word... The durability of a Laptop is not brand-based but user-related