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Other Gadgets

AUDIOQUEST CV-8 with DBS Speaker Cable

PhP 8500.00
Item Details
Item Name : AUDIOQUEST CV-8 with DBS Speaker Cable
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Brand New
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 8500.00
Warranty : 1 Week Testing Warranty
Manufacturer's Page: <click here>
Reason for Selling: Upgrade
Price: P8,500.00 only. Over 50% Discount

Product Overview: <click here>
AudioQuest CV-8 Will Improve the Sound of Your Entire System: TAS Golden Ear Award Winner and Stereophile Recommended Speaker Cable available with Banana Plugs[/b]

An Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award winner and exceptional value, AudioQuest CV-8 is the perfect all-around speaker cable for any audiophile. Offering excellent performance for a very modest price, CV-8 possesses AudioQuest's hallmark neutrality, transparency and resolution. Jam-packed with features, CV-8 touts uncanny ability to deliver rhythm and pacing. Super-high-end copper conductors deliver outstanding resolution, a patented DBS keeps distortion to a minimum, and AudioQuest's high-quality Sure-Grip terminations ensure proper connection to any gear. Try CV-8 and hear the difference a really great speaker wire will make in your system.

CV-8 offers well-defined and nicely-weighted bass, a neutral midrange with a hint of warmth, clear but never edgy highs and truly excellent soundstaging. Roundness on transients makes this cable easy to listen through for hours on end.
—The Absolute Sound

Dielectric Bias System (DBS)
DBS is an Audioquest patented system which does some pretty extraordinary things to the electrical properties of the cable yet operates completely outside the signal path. DBS simultaneously eliminates the “Dielectric Effect” as well as external interference.

The Dielectric Effect, simply put, is a form of phase distortion caused by the tendency of insulation material to randomly and unpredictably absorb and then release the electrical energy passing through the conductors. This causes smearing of fine detail and distortion of tonal balance. DBS eliminates this distortion by using a high voltage potential from the battery packs to electrically saturate the insulating material. The difference is shocking (pardon the pun), bass extends deeper, voices become fleshed out and every instrument achieves a truly jaw-dropping level of realism. While the positive pole of the DBS pack creates the high-voltage potential inside the cable, the negative pole of the DBS pack is connected to a shield which runs the length of the cable, creating a virtual vacuum for external interference; energy that strikes this shield is instantly and completely drained into the negative portion of the battery creating ultra-black backgrounds, greatly enhancing resolution and dynamic range. The best part is that because the batteries are simply creating potential not current flow, they will last 3-5 years; about as long as they would if they were sitting on a shelf.

Personal Overview:

• Open Dynamic Sound!
• Bass is full and punchy.
• Excellent Sound Quality

• Cable is tough, hard to fit in tight installations.

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