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APC Universal Laptop Adapter(15V to 20V) - AC/Auto/Plane

PhP 2500.00
Item Details
Item Name : APC Universal Laptop Adapter(15V to 20V) - AC/Auto/Plane
Item Type : Accessories
Condition : Brand New
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 2500.00
Warranty : 3-Month Replacement Warranty
APC's Notebook AC Power Adapters provide a reliable power source for notebook computers by converting AC power from a wall outlet into DC power to run the notebook and charge the internal battery.

Why you need this product?
1. You need a Replacement adapter for your laptop
- verify if your laptop's voltage and Ampere meets the output voltage below
2. You need a 2nd adapter for your home.
- avoids taking the adapter out of the bag and accidentally leaving it at home
3. You want to be able to charge through your car’s cigarette lighter while in the car / in traffic
- most useful to those who use the car as a 2nd office
4. You are taking a long flight and want to be able to use your laptop for the 16hour trip
5. This is definitely Cheaper than a 2nd Battery

Charging a device is achieved by connecting the power supply to a power source, (1) setting the voltage on the power supply (5-20 volts) and then (2) fixing the correct size connection plug from the nine supplied. You can then (3) attach the device that requires charging. A green LED on the power supply indicates that power is being received.


APC TravelPower Adapter
• Model: TPA90DCI <click here>

General Features:
• Universal Notebook Power Adapter
• Portable
• Compatible with leading notebooks
• Single power source for all devices.
• Cord wrap
• Auto shutdown
• Status indicator
• Built in circuit protections
• Input Power: 100-240VAC - 1.25A 50/60Hz
• Adjustable Output
- 15V - 4.7A
- 16V - 4.4A
- 17V - 4.2A
- 18V - 3.9A
- 19V - 3.7A
- 20V - 3.5A

• Dimensions
- Height: 6.50 inches (165 mm)
- Width: 2.75 inches (70 mm)
- Depth: 1.44 inches (37 mm)
(WxDxH) 6.99 x 3.66 x 16.51 cm
• Net weight 0.80kg/1.75Lbs

Retail Package Includes:
• APC TravelPower Adapter
• Nine (9) different adapter tips
• 2-prong attachment
• Airline adapter
• Automobile adapter
• USB charging ports

Regulatory Approval:
• cUL
• C-Tick
• RTCA 160D sec 21

Cash Price
- check payment subject to clearing.

MASTERCARD & VISA Credit Card Accepted
- Deferred payment with BPI Mastercard
Subject to Bank Approval

This is the factor rate normally applied for BPI Credit Cards deferred payment.
3 Months - 0.355798 x Cash Price
6 Months - 0.186642 x Cash Price
9 Months - 0.130438 x Cash Price
12 Months - 0.102471 x Cash Price


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Our Buying Tips:
1. Select Three(3) Laptop that fits the requirement and the budget
2. Visit the store
3. Sit Down and compare the laptops side-by-side. Nothing like actual comparison.
4. View if the Display meets expectations... check dead pixels also
5. Check if Audio is Acceptable.
6. Check Battery Life
7. Inquire about the Warranty Policy
8. Take a Deep Breath and decide.

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