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CoolBALL - Cool YOUR Laptop the Practical Way

PhP 400.00
Item Details
Item Name : CoolBALL - Cool YOUR Laptop the Practical Way
Item Type : Accessories
Condition : Brand New
Branch : All Branches
Price : PhP 400.00
Warranty : None

Another certified best seller!
We did not expect demand to be as strong... New Stocks have arrived!

Available for immediate purchase both Black and White Colored Balls. Thank you!

A nice gadget for your beloved laptop.
The CoolBall Opens up extra space for laptop airflow to prevent overheating

Laptop performance continues to improve, but so does the heat generated by high performance components. The trend is also towards thinner and lighter models, which unfortunately reduces the heat dissipating capacity of fans. It does not help that the summer season in the Philippines is extra hot. In the 80’s laptop computers had the feature of extra legs to raise up the laptop at an angle the for additional air circulation, but new designs have taken this out.

So called "Laptop Fans" proliferate in the market. These laptop fans get their power from the USB Ports of laptops. It has been observed that these fans have a tendency to add even more heat (Power = Heat) Not to mention it is not really a “practical solution” for Portable mobile computers as most of these fans are even bigger than the laptop itself.

Instead of Laptop fans, we propose the Coolball to reduces the buildup of heat in high performance laptops. The CoolBall creates a cooling gap under the notebook by inclining the rear of the notebook by an 8-degree angle, allowing increased air circulation under the notebook which prevents hot spot catalyst effect on the laptop.

No Power Required:
The CoolBall requires NO External Power . Unlike fans that use up power via the USB port , the CoolBall even helps maintain battery life by keeping the laptop cooler and reduce fan activity

The CoolBall Fits all notebooks and even angles laptop for easier typing.

CoolBall comes in both Ash Black and White colors to match your notebook's base. Each Ball is coated with high performance non-scratch, resistant metallic coating to match any notebook's shape and size.
Very easy to install. No glue needed as the package includes Velco Tape which allows you to install the CoolBall on and off from under your notebook. The Coolball can easily be installed under the notebook and also easily removed when storing the notebook in the carrying case.

Pocket Size:
Each Package contains two pieces with Each piece weighing 15g. Two pieces are needed under the back end corners of the notebook for stabilioty. Each piece is semi-hemisphere in shape to avoid orientation problem during installation and to create an effective ergonomic wrist angle when used on any notebook shapes and sizes.

For those concerned about laptop heat, this is the cheapest, most practical, and proven way of cooling your laptop. The CoolBall simply does what it is meant to do… Cool your laptop

A "convincing" comment we have read: Posted by an actual laptop user!

kakabili ko lang kanina nito(laptop cooler) sa XXX-king
mini size laptop cooler. 180 yung price
<click here>

hp dv6500t
Ito yung comparisson ng temps ko
power plan is set to high performance w/ charger on
5 min run of s&m then 5 min interval ulit for the next test

w/o cooler
idle: 33 load: 52

lifted using tv controller. hehe
idle: 29 load: 45

w/ cooler (selected high speed)
idle: 27 load: 45

end result: magagamit ko na ngayon yung controller. toinks!!
Kailangan nito ng mas malakas ng fan para siguro maging effective.

Cash Price
- check payment subject to clearing.


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Our Buying Tips:
1. Select Three(3) Laptop that fits the requirement and the budget
2. Visit the store
3. Sit Down and compare the laptops side-by-side. Nothing like actual comparison.
4. View if the Display meets expectations... check dead pixels also
5. Check if Audio is Acceptable.
6. Check Battery Life
7. Inquire about the Warranty Policy
8. Take a Deep Breath and decide.

"Paying for what you can Experience and Buying from a Shop is for Your Peace of Mind... Units available for immediate purchase".