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(OUT OF STOCK) SALE: Dell D800 Pentium-M(2.0) 15.4"WSXGA+ Nvidia WiFi

Item Details
Item Name : SALE: Dell D800 Pentium-M(2.0) 15.4"WSXGA+ Nvidia WiFi
Item Type : Laptops/Notebooks
Condition : Refurbished
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 17000.00
Warranty : 3 month Parts + 6 Months Service Warranty
This item is on SALE PRICE: Orignal Price P45,8888 now only P17,000.00 <click here>

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4. The Dell D800 Product walk through demo: <click here>

Overview: Super Specs with Dedicated Video Card
- Intel Centrino Pentium-M 755 (2.0Ghz / 2mb [Dothan]) Mobile Processor
- 80GB 4200RPM Harddrive... upgradeable to 80Gb
- 512mb (2x256mb) DDR333 technology... upgradeable to 1Gb
- High Resolution 15.4"WideScreen SXGA+ Display (1680x1050)
- 64mb Nvidia FX Go5200 Graphics (Dedicated)

- Wireless LAN 2200bg + Infra-Red
- with Serial Port
- Tested 3Hour Battery
- Licensed Xp-Professional + Complete recovery CDs

- 3-Month Parts + 6-Months Service Warranty

Units checked and passed Battery Recall Program <click here>

Dell manufactures two lines of notebooks, the Inspiron series and the Latitude series. The Inspiron line is marketed as their consumer notebook line while The Latitude is positioned as Dell's business machine. As such, component and driver stability over the life of the model line are emphasized over the latest and greatest hardware and drivers. The Latitude is all about stability and manageability...

The D800 chassis is made from Dell's "Tri-Metal" — a blend of aluminum, magnesium alloy, and steel. It is a reasonably-attractive machine with Moonlight Silver color casing with Ion silver and midnight gray accents. The Tri-Metal Construction has been infused into the Latitude D-Series to allow it to withstand the rigors of corporate life. For instance, the LCD display backing is made of aluminium material(Not Plastic); and a new magnesium alloy frame is now used inside the notebook to offer better structural rigidity. A Dell executive recently demonstrated stepping on his fully working D800 guinea pig -> The D800 not only survived, but work as per normal as well. In a nutshell, there's really nothing much to fault on the overall built and form-factor of the D800. See it for yourself <click here>

Intel's fastest second-generation 2GHz Pentium M (code-named Dothan) helped it clock the best performance scores we've seen among Pentium M laptops.. The Dell Latitude notebook features the Intel Pentium M processors featuring a microprocessor architecture incorporating 2MB of cache, a power optimized 400MHz processor system bus, aggressive clock gating designed for higher performance & lower power. The Latitude D800 is Based on Intel’s Centrino platform, which means that under you will find a Pentium M processor, the Intel 855PM chipset and Intel'a 802.11b/g wireless networking. The Dell Latitude D800 incorporates the Intel® 855PM chipset featuring Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology you'll be mobile and productive for Hours.

Dell's 1680x1050 WSXGA+ wide aspect display is one of the key things that sets this PC apart from your more pedestrian variety notebooks. Think about that for a minute — a resolution of 1680x1050 in a 15.4" screen, a total almost of 1.8 million pixels' worth of LCD panel goodness (Screen real estate is measured in pixels. The more pixels your screen displays, the more stuff you can display onscreen). Not only does the WideScreen display look nice, it also provides for an increase in functionality over standard aspect ratio LCD panels. The 15.4" WSXGA+ display provides 20% more desktop surface than a standard 15" XGA screen. This means that it is now possible to easily view two Microsoft Word pages at once or a full Word page on one side and a full Internet Explorer window in the other. No more to switch back and forth.

CPU's are usually so busy doing basic calculations that they need help translating visual output to the viewing screen. This is the duty of the graphics card (or graphics controller), the best of which include their own "dedicated" built-in video memory rather than "sharing" portions of the system's valuable main memory. The Dell D800 boasts of 64mb of Dedicated Video Graphics in the The GeForce FX Go5200 mobile GPUs offering full DirectX 9 compatibility and AGP 8X support. This mobile GPU family also offers desktop features like 128-bit colour accuracy, 128-bit memory interface, CineFX Engine, Intellisample anti-aliasing and a 350-400MHz RAMDAC. <click here>

The Dell Latitude D800's 1.7-by-14.1-by-10.8-inch, 7.4-pound case come with many perks: such as a broad desktop like keyboard with both a touchpad and a pointing stick. The Dell Latitude D800 features a swappable modular bay for its included DVD + CD-WRITER drive. Using a spring-loaded lock and release mechanism, the drive in the modular bay can be swapped out quickly and painlessly for optional modules such as a Floppy Drive, a DVD+R/+RW or a second battery (Each module works with all members of the Latitude D-series family) The system also offers almost every port possible, including FireWire, S-Video out, four USB 2.0 ports, a parallel port, and even a serial port. The latter "Legacy Ports" represents a nod to Dell's long-standing corporate customers who may still use old peripherals based on serial port technology. <click here>

Blazing speed, uncompromising image quality, and of course, a vast array of features for enhanced creativity. The combination of powerful high-end mobile processors, leading-edge graphics and stunning Wide Aspect displays, the Latitude D800 provides the ultimate multimedia experience in a Latitude notebook. If you're after bleeding edge performance that won't break the bank then the Latitude D800 is a very smart choice. <click here>

for full laptop details <click here>

Intel Pentium-M 755 with Centrino Mobile Technology
- Intel Pentium M 2.0Ghz
- 2Mb L2 cache(DOTHAN) / 400Mhz Front Side Bus
- Intel 855PM chipset

RAM: 512Mb DDR Memory (2x256mb)
- 2Gb Maximum; easily upgrdeable at the store

Hard drive: 80Gb 4200RPM Mobile Harddrive

MULTI-MEDIA: 24x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
- upgradeable to Dvd+Rw at the store

DISPLAY: 15.4-inch Wide Crystal Clear XGA display
- Super-High resolution 1680 x 1050 great for Multi-Media
- 64mb NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 Dedicated

DualPoint input system: both a touch pad and a track stick

Integrated 56K V.90 modem & 10/100 NIC
Internal Wireless Intel 2200GB(802.11 b/g)

1 Display / video VGA
4 Hi-Speed USB
1 Audio Line-out/headphones,
1 Microphone Input
1 IEEE 1394
1 S-Video Out

SOFTWARE MS Windows XP Home Edition

Money2004; Microsoft Encyclopedia 2004; Word Perfect; Dell Photo Album

Depth 10.79 in.
Height 1.52 in.
Width 14.22 in.
Weight 6.9 lb.

Cash Price
- check payment subject to clearing.

MASTERCARD & VISA Credit Cards Accepted
- Deferred payment with BPI Mastercard
Subject to Bank Approval

This is the factor rate normally applied for BPI Credit Cards deferred payment.
3 Months - 0.355798 x Cash Price
6 Months - 0.186642 x Cash Price
9 Months - 0.130438 x Cash Price
12 Months - 0.102471 x Cash Price


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