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Other Gadgets

(OUT OF STOCK) SOLD: MUSE Model 160 MK2 Power Amp(160W)

Item Details
Item Name : SOLD: MUSE Model 160 MK2 Power Amp(160W)
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 0.00
Warranty : 1 Week Testing Warranty
MUSE One Hundred Sixty MK2 Power Amplifier (Silver)
- Product review: <click here>
- Condition is 100% Like New. Comes Complete with Original Box.
- Rated at 160Watts x 2channels @ 8Ohm
- Both Balanced and RCA Inputs.
- US Model: 120Volts / 60Mhz
- Selling Price: P35,000.00
- Reason For Selling: Downsizing

I can relate most to the observation by this reviewer:
The Muse 160 ended a two year amp search that included all the amps listed above. Before the Muse I owned the Audioprism for 8 months but neither the dealer nor the manufacturer could get it to work reliably. I'll admit an anti-tube bias as a result of this experience. The VTL was a long term loaner. Only heard the VTL with Sovtek EL34WXT so I don't think I heard its best. Also tried the McCormack but felt it was very dry and two-dimensional. Great bass, though.

The Muse 160 gives me the smoothness I liked about the tube amps, plus greater detail and intelligibility of instrumental and vocal lines. Much is made of tube clipping characteristics but I prefer an amp with enough power that I won't run it to clipping. I run the Muse from 65hz up so 160 watts is plenty of power. Have never heard it clip or become harsh at all, even at quite high levels.

I would recommend the Muse to listeners who value reliability as well as good sound. I like to be totally relaxed about my system and just enjoy the music. I expect no problems leaving the Muse powered up almost continuously for the next twenty years. (I tend to keep components at least 10 years unless there is a problem.)

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