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Other Gadgets

(OUT OF STOCK) SOLD: B&K ST-140 [Mosfet] 2nd Generation

Item Details
Item Name : SOLD: B&K ST-140 [Mosfet] 2nd Generation
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 0.00
Warranty : 1-Month Warranty
At $395, the B&K ST-140 is the amplifier of choice for the perfectionist on a tightish budget. It's a veritable triumph of design, and perhaps the most cost-effective amplifier I know of.

As with most MOSFET amps I've met, though, the B&K ST-140 draws a certain veil over the music—I call it the MOSFET mist. The best way to characterize it, subjectively, is an overall softening, sort of a soft-focus effect, as if someone had smeared Vaseline or a fingerprint over a lens. The sound is not unpleasant, but very sweet and forgiving. Pair a B&K ST-140 with a tube preamp like the Magus or the Lazarus, and you can almost believe you're listening to tubes all the way through. Article Link: <click here>

The B&K ST-140 ran for many years and different models have different sound signature. To avoid confusion, this model offered for sale is the 2nd generation with a torodial transformer, 2 output devices per channel, and importantly 105Watts per Channel output. In most review sites, the 2nd generation seems to be favored for its tube like sound.

For the last 6-months I have been delaying to sell this B&K ST-140 as everytime I hook it up I fall in love with the sound. It is ideal for Jazz, instrumental, and vocals. It might be lacking for those into rock and heavy metal. Refined sound is how I would best describe this amp. In the end it is up to your music preference and best to audition this amp at the store.

I am attempting again to sell the Power-Amp only to lessen the amount of gears. If I had the space for another set-up I would definitely keep this.

B&K ST-140 Power AMP
Owner Review Site: 4.29/5(highest)
<click here>

Condition: Pre-owned in excellent working condition
Reason for Selling: too many gears at this time.
• Made in the USA
• Serial Number: 1812
• Voltage: 120V
• Heavy Duty 5-way binding post (accepts banana plugs)
• Dimensions 19" W by 6" H by 15" D.
• Weight: 25-Pounds

Thank you for Looking.