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Other Gadgets

(OUT OF STOCK) SOLD: Yaqin MS-22B Tube Phone Pre-Amp(12AX7) MM RIAA

Item Details
Item Name : SOLD: Yaqin MS-22B Tube Phone Pre-Amp(12AX7) MM RIAA
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 0.00
Warranty : 1 Month Testing Warranty
Yaqin MS-22B Tube Phono Preamp
- Product review: <click here>
- Moving Magnet Phono Pre-AMP
- 2 x 12AX7B Tube. Upgradable
- Input Sensitivity: 4.4mV (400Hz) when voltage is 500mV
- Like New. Complete with Manual. No Box
- Selling Price: P8,500.00
- Reason For Selling: Downsizing

Pulling the Yaqin MS-22B out of the box, I was surprised by the heft. The metalwork also appears to be of a high quality, having lettering for the tube types, power switch and the RCA jacks. The stock tubes are Shuguang 12AX7Bs - known to be a little dark in their presentation - and are covered with twist-on metal shields. The input and output jacks, plus the ground lug are also very nice. The power transformer is mounted on top and is covered with a metal box that looks like a small toaster oven. I've built my own DIY phono preamplifiers, and I know from experience that building something like this from scratch would cost more than the Yaqin asking price.

A review I can relate with most:
The Yaqin ms-22b definately provides for a tube like warmth and will introduce you to the "darkside" through solid state amplification. I wouldn't call this preamp highly transparent or detailed, but it is warm and full bodied in presentation. Now, this is with the stock cheap tubes. As with all valve gear, the sound can be significantly improved through the installation of high quality tubes. I have on order a matched pair of 1950's vintage NOS RCA black plate tubes which will undoubtedly improve the sound across all frequencies, and will likely remove the midband issues. I will report back in one month's time in regards to the Yaqin with the vintage RCA tubes. However, right out of the box, likely impossible to beat for the money. <click here>

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