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Other Gadgets

(OUT OF STOCK) SOLD: ZU OMEN Full Range Speakers (300W/97DB/12Ohm)

Item Details
Item Name : SOLD: ZU OMEN Full Range Speakers (300W/97DB/12Ohm)
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 40000.00
Warranty : 1 Week Testing Warranty
ZU OMEN (10inch Full Range) Tower Speakers
Manufacturer Link: <click here>
Complete with Box, Manuals, Spikes and Speaker Cover.
Reason for Selling: Reduce number of Floor Stander speakers
Location: Residence.
Audition by appointment only. Weekend is the best.

Omen Quick Specs
Height: 36 [91.5cm]
Footprint: 12 x 12 [30.5 x 30.5cm]
Weight: 53 pounds [24kg] each
Bandwidth: 35 25kHz
Efficiency: 97 dB-SPL 1W, 1m
Impedance: 12 ohm
Power Amp Range: 4 300 watt
Made by us in our home town of Ogden, UtahU.S.A.

Personal Experience: Easy to drive, Very tube Amp friendly(12-ohms/97Db), beautiful sound, good bass for a full range.
Positive reviews abundant on the net... just search "ZU Omen"
Hate to sell it get but got an ultimatum to reduce the number of speakers.

Zu Audio's outrageously awesome speaker<click here>

Zu Omen Picture Review: <click here>

Home Theater Review: For $1,500 direct, the OMENs represent a considerable value - one that should provide any budding or even die-hard enthusiast with years of enjoyment - in some cases becoming the last speaker one would ever purchase for their sound quality is that infectious. <click here>

Technical Review: The products of this philosophy have done well for Zu over the past decade or so, speakers like the original Druid and the Definition garnering some great reviews and a fervent, almost evangelical following, particularly among the high efficiency/low power tube amp crowd. With the Omen Standard, however, Zu wanted to broaden its customer base, designing a speaker that while still true to the brand was not only more affordable but happy to be driven by pretty much any amplifier, tube or solid state. <click here>

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