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Tel. No.: 724-2109

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Does this sound like you? "I am surrounded by noise every day, starting with an insistent alarm clock that wakes me from sleep. The noise continues with instant messages popping up on my computer and endless meetings in the office. Add to this two children that demand the same energy and attention that you have exerted in the office. To break away from the outside world, at the end of the day I like to pop in a DVD/BD-Movie disc and make an escape. The theater journey brings me to a far-far away place, a change of scenery, a break from monotony, recharges my batteries, and puts me in a better mood ready to face the next day..." If can relate, maybe you will want to continue reading.

From the Movie "LIBERAL ARTS" - Dear Zibby, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this music.

Beyond just genuinely loving it, I feel it is quietly altering my feeling about New York City, with which I’ve always had a slightly conflicted relationship. I’ve found that if you replace the horns and the shouting with, say, Schubert, or Telemann, the city becomes unbearable beautiful. After years of thinly disguised rage on both our parts it’s like the music has mediated a truce between us.

The other day, I was crossing the street, lost in my head about something, a not uncommon state of affairs. I was listening to the overture and as the music began to swell, I suddenly realized that I had hands and legs and a torso and that I was surrounded by people and cars. It’s hard to explain exactly what happened. But I felt in that moment that the divine, however we may choose to define such a thing, surely dwells as much in the concrete and taxicabs as it does in the rivers. Lakes, and mountains. Grace, I realized, is neither time-nor place-dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack.


A lot have labelled CoolTOYZ as Laptop seller, but for us CoolTOYZ has always been a simple hobby shop. <click here>. Lately we have returned to our Hobby related to Audio. Actually, our journey in HT came even before laptops became our passion.

In our teens the passion was cars, and a hot car had to have a good sound system to complete the experience. The Car audio also included home Audio and HT, soon it also became our passion. As we matured and needed to work, mobile computing became a necessity and consequently Laptops became our passion.

Sometime in 2008, Laptops took a turn from a business machine to a Multi-media machine. From a Plain CD laptops began to feature DvD drives. Going a step further, HP featured "Altec Lansing" as the speaker brand for their laptops. Later other brands started integrating Hi-fi audio like:
Asus - B&O
MSI - dynaduio
Lenovo - JBL
HP now features Beats!

Before we knew it, we were back to our passion for Audio to maximize the Multi-media experience - the Home Theater[HT] experience. Allow us to clarify - WE ARE NOT EXPERTS!. We are only hobbyist that enjoy the Home Theater experience.

Based on our journey in Home Theater, once you progress in this hobby, you will realize the upgrade-itch never stops. Often you will start with a Home-Theater-in-a-Box(HTIB) system like those sold in SM Appliance. Often this is installed in your bedroom to improve the Movie experience. Then the upgrade bug strikes and results to converting your bedroom to a dedicated Theater room and sleeping in the sala... LoL!

Seriously with this hobby, you will experience that the time will come when you will want to sell your existing hardware to raise funds to buy new hardware. This is not for any logical reason, simply the desire to try the next level. There's a kind of precision about audio/video components, home theater and sound reproduction that's downright addictive, similar to the appeal of other technical hobbies like cameras, cars, and guns. They all have their own vocabulary and jargon, of course, and it's easy to get bogged down or enraged by it. You will progress from a 3.1 to 5.1 then to 7.1 and even desire a 9.2.

We have realized that when the upgrade itch bites and you will need to to sell your existing hardware, for SECURITY reason, you will not want to invite strangers to your house. We know this based on actual experience and this is why we have conceptualized CoolTOYZ to be a trading post or an avenue for our fellow enthusiasts to sell their pre-owned HT equipment. To begin, we will start with our own items and like we did for laptops share with you the pros and cons of each hardware for you to make an educated decision.

Moreover, we also want to feature the best DIY(Do it yourself) items related to Home Theater. We have found these to provide the most fulfilling experience. We have come to realize since returning to this hobby that because of technology the Sound Quality(SQ) difference between DIYs and branded is becoming very very close. Some call it "Clones", others DIY, whatever it is termed we would want to share this to those who would care to use their ears instead of eyes in deciding what to buy.

Do you share our observation - TV picture quality is becoming better everyday but sound quality is not improving. Televisions are also becoming thinner everyday, but have you noticed that as the TV gets thinner the audio becomes weaker? To maximize your High Definition LED TV you must partner it with a decent Audio system and this where the Home Theater Hobby comes in.

Allow us to repeat our invitation - visit us at the store. We have available movies but it is best that you bring your favorite Movie DvD/Blu-ray Disc[BD] because you know how it sounds in your own system. In case you take us on our invitation please share your inputs on how we can improve the set-up. We reiterate - No purchase is required! This hobby is best experienced when shared with fellow enthusiasts.

Best to call the store at 724-2109 before visiting.
The Best time to visit is 1:00PM to 3:00PM or 5:00PM to 7:00PM.
Between 3:00PM to 5:00PM traffic is bad because it is dismissal time.

See You!

A Good Read! Ha ha ha!

Audiophiles are what's left after almost all of the knowledgeable music and engineering people left the audio scene back in the 1980s. Audiophiles are non-technical, non-musical kooks who imagine the darnedestly stupid things about audio equipment. Audiophiles are fun to watch; they're just as confused at how audio equipment or music really works as primitive men like cargo cults are about airplanes. An audiophile will waste days comparing the sound of power cords or different kinds of solder, but won't even notice that his speakers are out-of-phase. An audiophile never enjoys music; he only listens to the sound of audio equipment.

Since sound and music perception is entirely imaginary (you can't touch or photograph a musical image), what and how we hear is formed only in our brains and is not measurable. Our hearing therefore is highly susceptible to the powers of suggestion. If an audiophile pays $5,000 for a new power cord, he will hear a very real difference, even though the sound is unchanged. Audiophiles do hear real differences in power cords when they swap among them (the placebo effect), but just don't ask them to hear the difference in a double-blind test.

Thank God I'm not an audiophile. Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something; in this case, it's audio equipment, but not music. An audiophile and a music lover are two entirely different people.

Audiophiles adore audio equipment, which is completely unrelated to enjoying music. In the good old days, music lovers only played with audio equipment because they had to, while audiophiles today would rather listen to their equipment than to enjoy music.

A music lover will stop what he's doing and stay glued to a favorite piece of music even if it's coming over a 3" speaker or a public-address system, while an audiophile almost never enjoys music, even if played on a $100,000 hi-fi.

Because audiophiles don't have the experience or education to understand what matters (the skill of the original recording engineer, the choice of loudspeakers, their placement in a room and the acoustics of that room), audiophiles spend fortunes on the wrong things, which are the high-profit-margin and well advertised items like cables, power conditioners, amplifiers, power cables, connectors, resistors, and just about everything that has almost nothing to do with the quality of reproduced music — but makes loads of money for the people selling these fetishes. <click here>


Some of the Audio and Home Theater Items we have sold and have found new homes:


- Pre-owned: Sweet sounding AMX Tube Amp

AMX Sonata EL34 Tube Amp:
- A product of the famous Andrew Michael Sevilla.
- for manufacturer's Site: <click here>

RFS: Selling for a customer.
Condition: Pre-owned but 9.8/10
Warranty: 1 Week testing Warranty.
- for any defects return item to the store for refund.
Unit only. No Box, No Manuals

Power Output: 10 watts RMS per channel
- Do not get mislead as this is very conservative
- plays loud without getting noisy... tube users know this.
- Highly recommended to audition the unit to appreciate the sound quality as we are very confident it will not disappoint. Best to bring you own CD so that you are familiar with the tune that will be tested. We alow customers to bring their speakers for audition with the AMP.

Configuration: Single Ended Ultra Linear Pentode

Tube Compliments: 2 pcs EL34, 2 pcs 6DJ8

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20k Hz

THD: below 1.5% mostly lower order

Inputs: 3 line inputs

Input Sensitivity: 350mv for rated output

Power Input: 230 VAC / 60 Hz

OVERVIEW: Clean, Sweet, None Fatiguing, Tube Amp purity

• Sweet Clean Sound
• Loud without being Noisy
• Affordable price

• No Pre-Out
• No Phono Stage for Turn Tables.
• No Remote :-)


BLU-RAY : Panasonic DMP-BDT500 2xHMDI + Tube Sound
- this item sold in less than 8Hours to my disappointment!

Manufacturer's Description:


This model achieves high-quality sound with high grade audio parts for analogue audio lovers. High-precision analogue audio processing by four independent 192kHz 32bit audio DACs for 7.1-channel sound minimizes noise. Highly durable corrosion-resistant gold plated terminals maintain the high sound quality.

TWIN HDMI for digital audio processing can create an ideal acoustic environment for the audio receiver. Additional output can be dedicated for audio output. Less interference from the video signal creates an ideal environment for the audio receiver to achieve pure, high quality sound.

DLNA-certified Blu-ray Disc™ Player is easy to use with your home network. Share and enjoy digital photos (JPEG), music (MP3, WMA) and videos (AVCHD, WMV) by simply connecting to a home network (LAN). For example, you can install a special app on your smartphone and use it to access a DLNA-certified PC via a Wi-Fi router in another room. The DIGA recorder and PC work as a DLNA server where your collection of movies, photos and videos is stored.

Adaptive Chroma Processing is a high quality image-processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of Blu-ray Disc™ video signals in the vertical and horizontal directions. Vertical colour data has been increased 1.5 times (compared with 2010 models), allowing Adaptive Chroma Processing to reproduce colour data more faithfully than ever before.

Digital Tube Sound - Panasonic has been studying the sound of vacuum tube amplifiers for over years. And now, we are able to faithfully simulate the characteristics of the distinctive warm comforting sound of the tube amplifiers. With this feature, 6 different kinds sound of vacuum tubes with different personalities can be enjoyed.

DESCRIPTION: Award Winning Blu-ray Disk Player <click here>

Condition: Brand New - Sealed in Box (Unopened)
US Model: 120Volts
- this model is not available locally.
Reason For Selling: Sacrifice Sale.
- was ordered September 14, 2012.
- Arrived: December 2012
- between September and December countless gears were purchased and due to "TAKUSA" I have to sell this item in the meantime.
- if Sold then I will order another unit and wait for 3months again.
- if not sold then I have a reason to keep it for myself :-)

Reason for Purchase: Intended for a Combined Blu-ray player - Audio CD Player
1) Built-in Two HDMI output. 1 for AVR + 1 for projector
2) Digital Tube Sound feature
3) Plays FLAC + MKV + MP4
4) Dialogue Enhancement feature
5) Full HD Up Sampling (New P4HD)
6) 3D Ready
7) Wifi
8) Most of all is because it is a Panasonic.
I own other Blu-ray players like Sony(2), Toshiba(2) and Samsung(2) and Panasonic has proven to provide the best image quality.

The AWARDS received speaks for themselves


ACER DLP Projector H7531D (1080p / 2,000-Lumens): P25,000.00.


Manufacturer's Full Specs: <click here>
Selling Price: P25,000.00 (Cash)

Reason For Selling: Too complicated for me.
Pre-owned: less than 300-lamp hours used out of 2,000-Hours
- Package includes only PROJECTOR + Power Cord + Remote control
- Box and Manual cannot be located, reason for the low price.
Cosmetic: 9/10 (Glossy white is prone to hairline scratches)
Voltage: Auto-volt 120V / 220Volts

Manufacturer's Page: <click here>
Selling Price: P17,000.00

note: You need a van to bring this home. It is LONG!

Reason For Selling: Downgrade to smaller Screen
Pre-owned: Used 10times max.
Complete with:
1) Box
2) Manual
3) Detachable 3-way wall switch
4) Infrared (IR) remote control
5) Bubble leveler
Cosmetic: 9.5/10
USA Model: 120Volts

Model: Electric100H
Diag. Size: 100"
View Height (in): 49.0
View Width (in): 87.2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Case Color: Black
Screen Material: MaxWhite
Gain: 1.1
- 160° wide viewing angle

Personal Experience

For bragging rights it is always nice to have a 100inch screen. Reality is, the screen size is determined by the viewing distance and not bragging rights. This I learned too late. I bought the screen, and when viewing became uncomfortable, I did my research. Wrong! I wish I had read the guide below before buying the screen.

As a rule of thumb with 720p resolution projectors, a viewing distance of less than 1.5 times the screen width will get you into the trouble zone where pixelation and artifacts become more visibly intrusive. While it is true you have a very BIG image in front of you, these distractions can compromise viewing satisfaction. On the other hand, with the new 1080p resolution projectors, you can sit a bit closer, say at 1.2x the screen width, without worrying about pixelation and artifacts. That still might be too close for comfort from an aesthetic point of view, but some people like to have that very large image in front of them. The 1080p projectors make it easier to do that and still get a clean image.

Keep in mind also that the screen's height will influence ideal viewing distance. Let's assume you have a 16:9 screen that is eight feet wide, and you find that 12 feet, or 1.5x the screen width, is a comfortable viewing distance. If you were to replace that 16:9 screen with an eight foot wide 4:3 screen, you might suddenly feel like your 12 foot viewing distance is too close--for any given screen width, the 4:3 format is always a larger surface area than 16:9, and is thus more visually demanding. You might want to move back a few feet to take it all in.
Good Read: <click here>

This screen has a diagonal distance of 100-inches.
1.5times the diagonal distance is 150inches.
150inches divided by 12inches per foot = 12feet.

My sitting position is only 9-feet from the screen.
My ideal screen size is only 72-inches diagonal...
Please take this into consideration before you purchase this screen.


ONKYO NR808 AVR THX 7.2-channels HDMI(3D)
Pre-Owner: 7.2 Channel 5-Star Rated Amplifier by WhatHiFi

From What*HiFi: Best receiver £500-£1000, Awards 2010. Plenty of go with a big dose of refinement: This Onkyo is a star at the money

Awesome power, yet great detail
Simple: sound quality goes up a notch, too. The NR808 displays power and subtlety in equal measure – and to fantastic effect. <click here>

Another Review from Pocketlint: <click here>

ONKYO NR808 7.2-Channel 3-D Ready Network A/V Receiver
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>

Our Take: Everything you want in a 7.2-channel THX Rated Audio Video Receiver.

Pre-owned but Like New Condition
- Aesthetics 9/10 some scratches on top due to weight
- With Remote, Manuals and calibration mic.
Voltage: 120V (USA Model)
Reason for Selling: too many gears at this time.
Brand New Price: US$1,450.00 (At 42:1 = P60,900.00)

Advanced Features:
THX® Select2 Plus™ certified
HDMI® (Version 1.4a to support 3D and Audio Return channel)
- with Deep Color™, x.v.Color™, LipSync,
- Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, multichannel PCM, and CEC
7 HDMI inputs (1 front/6 rear) and 1 output
• Network capability for streaming audio files (MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and LPCM)
• Internet radio connectivity (Pandora®, Rhapsody®, SIRIUS Internet Radio®, Napster, Mediafly™, Slacker, and vTuner)*
• Certified with Windows® 7 and DLNA version 1.5
• Firmware updates via Ethernet and USB
• Pop open front-panel USB input for memory devices and iPhone®:/iPod® models (enables display of album artwork)
• Powered Zone 2 and Zone 2/3 pre-outs for distributed audio playback in multiple rooms
Phono input... YES for vinyl lovers!
7.2 Channel PRE-OUT PORTS

Amplifier Features:
135 Watts per Channel at 8 Ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08%, 2 Channels Driven, FTC
• WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)

Processing Features:
HDMI video upscaling to 1080p with Faroudja Dcdi Cinema™
Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs (PCM1690) for all channels
• Two 32-Bit processing DSP chips (DA830 and CS49834)
• Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio™ decoding
Audyssey DSX™ and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz for new surround channels
• Audyssey MultEQ® for room acoustic correction
• 4 DSP modes for gaming: rock, sports, action, and RPG
• Music Optimizer™ for compressed digital music files
Direct mode and pure audio mode
• A-Form listening mode memory
• Audyssey Dynamic Volume™
• Audyssey Dynamic EQ® for loudness correction
Crossover adjustment (40/50/60/70/80/90/100/120/150/200 Hz)

Dimensions: Warning this is a HUGE and HEAVY AVR
Dimension: 17-1/8"W x 7-7/8"H x 18-1/2"D
Weight: 40 lbs.


DENON 2312Ci 7.2 Channel HT Receiver with Airplay

Review Site Overview (More Detailed than manufacturer)

The AVR-2312 is a 7.2 channel receiver, with the ".1" being replaced by ".2", primarily because of the two subwoofer pre-outs being offered on the back panel. This, along with the 105Watts per channel it offers in seven channel modes, means that this receiver is built to handle mid-sized to large living rooms and home theaters. At the same time it offers a multi-zone/multi-source playback function, which means that you can use this beast to play one source in one room and another source in the other room. To add to it, Denon comes with RemoteApp, which is an application that can be installed on your iPad, iPhone or Pod touch to control the receiver from anywhere, wirelessly.

Speaking of Apple, this receiver also offers AirPlay to allow you to stream music wirelessly from your Apple products. You can even choose to connect these media players to your receiver directly via the USB port. But what’s very fascinating is that this receiver comes with a FLAC HD decoder. This means, all you audiophiles out there can now play your uncompressed FLAC recordings from your pen-drive or directly. At the same time, the AVR-2312 also supports MP3, WMA and AAC audio formats.

Denon’s AVR-2312 is a receiver that knows what it’s doing, and it knows this to a phenomenal extent. It has been priced to cater to the mid-level market and for the price tag, it’s a steal. There’s authority under that black hood that takes charge of its 105W of sheer power, and plenty of features that can make your entertainment experience all the more enriching. The only real fault with the AVR- 2312 was the remote control but even that can be covered by the fantastic RemoteApp application that can make your Apple product into the Denon's remote. It’s all just so fascinating when Denon demonstrates to even us experienced AV reviewers what they can do with machinery.

Reviewer's Site: <click here>

Overview: Personal Experience

Story: One evening a friend went to the house with this Denon AVR-2312ci.
He wanted to trade this Denon to my spare Yamaha Receiver.
After checking the specs on the internet it looked like a great deal.
The Denon 2312ci is feature packed! Features include seven(7) HDMI ports, a 7.2 Speaker Channels (I like the option to run 2 subwoofers), Zone 2 control (even if I did not need it), Ethernet streaming, even Airplay and much more. We shook hands, he left with my Yamaha and I gained a Denon. Great Deal!

Hook-up of the unit is easy. Auto Calibration through Audyssey MultEQ was fast and I have to admit more sophisticated than that offered by Yamaha! The 2312 uses the Audessy to analyze sound then automatically adjusts individual level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers. you can take up to six(6) listening position instead of the single position for Yamaha. I agree with the manufacturer's description that with "Denon You'll hear precise, uniform sound across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy optimized home theater sound". Audio Quality was also tested great, I describe it as between the in-you-face Yamaha SQ and the Soft and Warm sound of a Marantz. Until the middle of the movie, the deal was great!

Being the typical junkie I wanted to tweak the settings and this is where my being middle age caught up with me. The Denon 2312ci offers overwhelming features and this confused this middle age user. While it has on-screen display for all the adjustments, the remote was quite difficult to use because of all the features. I must add that the display on the AVR provides text information that is much smaller than Yamaha's or Onkyo's display, thus affecting my middle age sight. I do not think it is a Denon issue, I think I just got spoiled with the easy setting of Yamaha's YPAO calibration settings.

The Denon 2312ci offers extensive features, excellent audio quality, but in the end, I removed it from the system because it is too complicated for me. I just want things simple at most 3 buttons clicks. A hand shake is a done deal and so I cannot return it to my friend who is loving the Yamaha. If you are the tech junkie who like to tinker with all the features, this is for you.

Reason For Selling: Complicated to use.
Pre-owned Receiver / Boxed / Complete manuals / CD
- note 1: No Styro. Box was stuffed with Clothes when hand carried
- note 2: Calibration mic does not look like the one in the Denon page. But it works just the same.
- that is the way I got it.
Cosmetic: 9/10 Like New
USA Model: 120Volts
Friend purchased for: U$800.00 last March 2012
Local Brand New price is P57,000.00
Now selling for only P22,888.00(Neg) or trade with Yamaha AVR

For Manufacturer Full Specs: <click here>


Excellent Audio Quality. Not too bright, not too warm, just right!
• 7.2 Channel x 105watts per channel
- Pure Audio Construction featuring Fully discrete, identical power output transistors for each channel (not IC power packs)
- Dual or Two(2) Subwoofer Out Port with Crossover Adjustment
Seven(7) HMDI Input Port with 3D Pass-Through feature
- Video Scaling to 1080p/60
• USB Port on Front Panel for Ipod / I phone Connection
- Mass Storage Class USB Memory Playback Capability
- FLAC HD audio
• AirPlay for wireless music streaming from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes
• iPhone App Control - use your iphone as the remote control
Dolby Pro Logic IIz providing more immersive surround sound.
• Audyssey MultEQ Room Equalization with 8 listening position
• Enhanced network capability includes Pandora, Flickr, Napster, and Rhapsody online support.

• Complicated to use. Features are overwhelming.
• Remote Buttons are small.

For Complete Specs: <click here>


NAD C 315BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

The AWARDS received speaks for themselves
How many models do you know won an award in 2008 and is still recognized after 3years or in 2011?

EISA Award - C 315BEE Integrated Amplifier (September 11, 2008)

Well known for its giant-killing integrated amplifiers, NAD has refined this art to a new level in its C 315BEE Integrated Amplifier. Like the legendary 3020 that started the story decades ago, the new C 315BEE Integrated Amplifier combines an unexpectedly high power output with a range of genuinely useful facilities. The ability of this little amplifier to drive difficult speaker loads should not be underestimated. Meanwhile, its slim case supports six inputs, a front-mounted socket for portable players and an output for headphones, plus integrated tone and remote control. The C 315BEE Integrated Amplifier may appear unassuming, but its musical impact is unashamedly spectacular. <click here>

TAS Editors Choice Awards 2011 (May 31, 2011)
The entry-level C315 is still the go-to amp for audiophile newbies who crave sonic neutrality, good power output, nice tactile feel, and NAD's characteristic quality-control. Looking for a little more oomph?" <click here>

DESCRIPTION: Award Winning Stereo Integrated Amplifier <click here>

Condition: Pre-owned but in Brand New Condition
- complete with Box / Manuals / Remote
US Model: 220Volts
Reason For Selling: Lack of Space in the Audio Rack
- Purchased as the Yamaha A-S500 was too tall and would no longer fit the Audio Rack.
- I drove all the way from Green Hills to Sta.Rosa to get this unit.
- Was very Happy with the NAD C315 but after a week a Sought After Tube Amp became available.
- Now the NAD does not have space in the audio rack.

Pros: Reason for Purchase
It is a NAD known for excellent Sound Quality
- sound is clean, clear, and not fatiguing
- capable to play all Genre of music.
• Thin Profile only 3inch High.
• Toroidal Power Transformer capable of 4Ohm Load!
• Convenience of a Remote Control
• Elegant Looking.
• Very Affordable VFM(Value for Money)

• Remote is small
• No Pre-Out

Manufacturer's Description: <click here>

Creating a New reference

NAD has an enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time. The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C 325BEE, with many "Best Amp" awards and 5 Star reviews along the way. As loudspeaker quality and performance has continued to improve, especially at modest price points, NAD felt that there was room for a lower cost amp that could take advantage of these speakers; creating a new entry point for serious musical performance.

• Dynamic Power - 90W into 8 Ohms, 120W into 4 Ohms, 180W into 2 Ohms PowerDrive-S™
• Continuous Power - 2 X 40 Watts into 4 or 8 Ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz at 0.02%THD
• 6 Line Level Inputs including 1 Tape Loop
• Front Panel Input for Portable Media Player
&#149; Bass and Treble Controls
• Tone Defeat (Bypass)
• Headphone Output
• System Remote Control also controls NAD CD Players
• Multi-way Speaker Binding Posts
• Gold Plated RCA Jacks
• Toroidal Power Transformer


Dynaudio Audience 62
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
Pre-Owned but in like new condition complete with Box and Manuals
Color: Black Ash
Brand New Price: P68,000.00
Selling price price: P29,888.00 only /Cash
Reason for Selling: Getting a Higher model
Note: Audition is by appointment only as Unit is still at my residence.

Likes: The Audience 62 sports the fast and accurate response of a monitor but the added cabinet volume gives extra thump and makes the sound heavier and richer, for a more authoritative character.

• Controlled naturally-midrange vocals... the Danish sound.
• Deep Full Bass from a small footprint.
• Front Firing - easier to position than rear ported speakers.
• Transmission tower in a Bookshelf footprint.

• 86dB sensitivity. You need at least a 150-watter to make these sing.

Taken from the original brochure: The Audience 62, the smallest floorstanding model in Dynaudio's Audience range, is a strong example of what can be achieved via modern audio technology and a carefully executed two-way design.

It is a perfect choice for either music or home theater systems in small to mid-sized rooms, and its advanced 17cm mid/woofer and 28mm soft dome tweeter combine with its high-quality crossover to deliver a seamless integration over the entire frequency range. The compact Audience 62 offers imaging reminiscent of a two-way mini-monitor, with the advantage of a deeper bass response that could only be achieved via added cabinet volume.

The bass reflex port is integrated into the front baffle to allow greater flexibility for room placement, while its linear impedance character ensures that it will harmoniously integrate with virtually any partnering amplifier.


DYNAUDIO Audience 40 with Audience 42C Speakers

Dynaudio is a Danish loudspeaker maker, founded in 1977. Originally Dynaudio built speakers using their own crossover but relying on OEM drivers, but later they started to make their own drivers. As one of the world's foremost manufacturers of both raw speaker components and complete speaker systems, Denmark's Dynaudio has a well-deserved reputation for delivering both quality and value to its customers.

The Dynaudio sound is known to be natural and relaxed, with a warm tonal balance. What's remarkable is the degree to which the Audience lineup maintains this performance for such a moderate price $4,000. <click here>

Technical Specification:
- This set is USED but in Brand New Condition.

Bookshelf Speaker: Audience 40 (Walnut)
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
Review of the Audience 40 <click here>

IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 Watts
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 53 Hz - 28 kHz

Type: two-way, Bookshelf
Tweeter: One 1.1" soft dome, Magnetic fluid
Woofer: One 5" Mid/Bass driver with 3" voice coil.
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
Connection: CE-compliant insulated gold binding posts

Dimensions (W x H x D) 170 x 282 x 246 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg
Made in Denmark

Brand New Price: $699-per-pair

Center Speaker: Audience 42C (Silver)
Manufacturer's site: <click here>

Recommended Amp Power (watts): 20–150
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Type: two-way, center
Tweeter (size in inches, type):1.1, soft dome
Woofer (size in inches, type): 5.85, polypropylene
Connection: CE-compliant insulated gold binding posts

Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 14.56 x 6.5 x 7.87
Weight (pounds): 12.2
Made in Denmark

Brand New Price: MSRP: $439.00 <click here>
- This unit is USED but in Brand New Condition.
- Center Comes complete with Box / Styro / Manual

If you know your Audio, you know the DYNAUDIO brand.
This brand is synonymous to what has been termed as "Danish Sound" which is accurate and natural sounding. Vocals are rich, vibrant and alive, whilethe Midrange is open and crisp. The most impressive feature of the Dyns is the bass output which is deep and tight that seems almost impossible for their size.

• Big sound from a small cabinet
• Exceptional Clean Bass
• magnetically shielded.
- Can be placed nearest the LED/LCD TV with color distortion.

• 4Ohms required a powerful Amp to best enjoy this center.
- best enjoyed with an AMP Above 100Watts.
• Unfortunately the colors do not match.
- Bookshelf Speakers in Light Maple, Center Speaker in Silver.

note: To get best results follow the owner's manual of the Audience 40 speakers that states the speakers are designed to be one to one and a half meters away from the rear wall.


If you are a music lover you know about the reputation of the Polk LSI_7. The commonly available model in the market is the cheaper Polk RTiA3, but there is not comparison. As a friend(Doc Erik) stated - "I have had a chance to own both models(LSi7 and RTiA3). The Lsi7 is really meant for serious listening, where you will just sit back in the sweet spot and enjoy the it wide and accurate soundstage". Another music lover added - "Polk LSi7s are geared towards serious stereo listening, RTiA3s are meant for HT or party music". I agree with both reviews provided you have a capable Amplifier (at least 150Amps) to make these speakers sing. Even stereophile.com has stated - "In the areas of detail resolution, high-frequency performance, soundstaging, and wide-range dynamics, I doubt there's another affordable speaker that can approach the overall performance of the Polk LSi7." <click here>

POLK LSi7 bookshelf Speaker
Manufacturer's Site; <click here>
Pre-Owned but in like new condition / No Box
Brand New Price: P59,900.00
Selling price price: P20,500.00
Reason for Selling: My Tube Amp cannot power the LSi7 :-(

• Tweeter: 1-inch Dynamic Balance Ring Radiator
• Mid-Woofer: 5 1/4-inch aerated polypropylene cone
- cast basket
- rubber surround
&#149; Frequency response: 45Hz - 27kHz (-3dB)
• Sensitivity: 88 dB[b/]
• Recommended Amplifier Power: 150 watts per channel or higher
- these speakers must be powered using high-current amplification
• [b]4-ohm impedance

• Inputs: Dual 5-way binding posts for bi-amp/bi-wire
• video-shielded
• real wood veneer
• Dimensions: 8-5/8"W x 14-1/4"H x 10-1/4"D


POLK Speakers: RTi A3 Bookshelf (150Watts/ 8Ohms)

From POLK:

Close your eyes on our largest RTiA bookshelf speaker and you’ll believe you’re listening to floorstanding speakers. It features a 6 1/2-inch Dynamic Balance® woofer, 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and 150 Watt power handling, Mark Marcantonio from Affordable Audio comments “The timbre and spacious presentation was dead on,” and “The clarity of all vocals (no nasal or fuzziness) makes for an easy and non-fatiguing listening experience.” In summary, the RTiA3 is perfect for the most demanding home theater system and the most discerning stereo listener. <click here>

POLK RTi A3 Bookshelf Speaker [Black]
- Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
- Pre-owned / No Box / No Manuals
- No History of Repairs.
- Selling for only P12,000.00

Tweeter: 1" (2.54cm) / Dynamic Balance silk polymer composite dome
Mid/Woofer: 6 1/2" (16.51cm) / Dynamic Balance driver with polymer composite cone and rubber surround.
Recommended Amplifier Power:20-150 watts per channel
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Efficiency: 89 dB
Inputs: Dual 5-way binding posts


WHARFEDALE Bookshelf Speakers / Pacific PI-10

Manufacturer's Description:

The Pacific series is a statement of class from Wharfedale. Beneath the mirrored real-wood veneer beats an audiophile heart, with features such as ultra-strong reinforced and damped cabinets with bracing, bi-directional woven KEVLAR bass/mid drivers, neodymium magnets, isolated tweeter pod, gold-plated bi-wire terminals, phase plugs, double and quadruple wound voice coils, rotatable tweeter to mention but a few.

The sound quality is nothing short of a revelation at the price. Audition a pair today and discover why Pacific is a cut above the rest. The Pi-10 has all the makings of a modern classic - a rare combination of poise and finesse with an air of authority that demands respect. Packed with features, but never overstated, the Pi-10 strolls comfortably through a wide spectrum of repertoires. Where space is an issue, but a no compromise approach is required to sound quality, the Pi-10 simply excels.


Two Way Book Shelf Speaker / 120Watts / 6Ohms
Condition: Pre-owned but Loved
Looks Brand New: 9/10
Reason For Selling: Owner is a Frequent Traveler. Seldom used.
- note: Same Serial Numbers as proof they are a matched pair.
Brand New Price: $349.00 <click here>

No matter what we write here, actual experience is the best. We were personally reminded of this fact, when a friend asked us to sell these speakers. Our first impression was that at the asking price of P9,500.00 these Wharfedale speakers are on the high side. More so, because a Brand New Wharfedale 9.1 and 10.1 are less than 10K. We own both 9.1 and 10.1, and even a 9.4 and know these speaker provide decent sound quality. When we auditioned the Wharfedale PI-10 we immediately realized why our friend Loves these speakers! They simply sound amazing!. We dare say that you cannot find better sounding speakers at the same price. In fact if you can present one at the store, with the same elegance and sound quality, we will buy it because then it must be really amazing.

The exterior of these PI-10 Bookshelf speakers is colored Rosewood and is very very elegant. Yet, what is immediately noticeable is the Pod Mounted Tweeter that is often found only on speakers that are priced ten(10) times more. The Bullet-type Pod mounted speakers allow you to direct the tweeters without changing the direction of the woofers (see image above). What use is that? If you find the tweeters are a little too glaring, turn them a touch off-axis...too warm, a little more on-axis. You are able to adjust the tweeter without adjusting the direction of the woofer and the the result is that you gain the ability to tailor the sound to YOUR preference. I do not recall of any other speaker at this price range that offers this feature.

Personal experience with the PI-10 reveals very detailed mids and highs. The Bass is also very pronounced just at the right level. These speakers are polite and have a very laid back, warm presentation with very good imaging/soundstage and above average detail. That stated it becomes obvious these speakers are best utilized for audio listening. It is not bad on Home-Theater use but we know that most HT speakers are abused and it would be a waste to violate these speakers. Upon audition, these speakers will certainly put a smile on your face because it is as if the singer is right in front of you.

These observations are not based on bare assumption. In the shop we have a Wharfedale 9.4 floor stander, the more expensive and highly rated Polk A3 bookshelf, and the legendary Dynaudio Audience 40, side by side comparison of the sound quality will highlight the excellence of the PI-10. In addition, we also own a few other speakers and at this price range nothing matches the sound quality.

Our friend travels a lot and decided to sell these speakers as they are meant to be played and listened to. It is evident these speakers have been loved. Cosmetic is 9/10 and as pointed out by my friend the serial numbers are identical for your confidence that the speakers come from the same batch and provide the same tone characteristic.

Come visit us and allow the PI-10 to put a smile on your face as well. It does not cost anything to Audition the speaker. Make it soon as the temptation to keep these for myself is growing everytime we listen to it. The PI-10 is a perfect example that excellent sound quality need not cost a fortune.


WHARFEDALE 9.4 Floor Stander + 10Cs Center

Wharfedale Diamond 9.4 Floor Standers.

These speakers were bought for new wave, rock, and disco music playback. I do not like using a Subwoofer for audio as I find a Stereo 2.0 set-up to be most ideal. The Wharfedale 9.4 floor standing speakers are known to be boomy speakers (heavy Bass) and I desired this character. I was satisfied(even impressed) with the Bass provided by the 9.4 but at the same time I noticed that typical of Wharfedale speakers, the vocals were ngo-ngo. If you own a pair of Wharfedale speakers you know what I mean that it lacks spirit.

Speakers were brought to Anthony Audio for tweaking, and Anthony Leuterio suggested that the tweeters be replaced, and second crossover be tuned. Anthony explained that Floor Standing Speakers have a bigger enclosure compared to Book shelf speakers, thus produces more output at mid-to-low frequencies, which in turn overpowers the tweeters, resulting to the "ngo-ngo" effect.

Anthony is truly a Genius! After the tuning, the sound quality greatly improved, importantly the vocals are able to match the heavy bass produced by the woofers. The 9.4 after tuning provides a bigger soundscape, more open, much smoother. If you wish, I can give you the replaced Wharfedale tweeters, but I do not think you would want to return these lightweight tweets.

Wharfedale Diamond 10Cs Center Speaker.

Wanting to maximize the tweaked 9.4 floor stander speakers, the Wharfedale Diamond 10cs speaker was purchased to serve as center channel for Home Theater application. For movies you will be extremely happy with this combination of the 9.4 and 10cs center.

We invite you to visit us and compare the sound quality of the Wharfedale 9.4 with the Polk A3 speakers in the shop. Take note the Wharfedale 9.4 and 10cs costs only half the price of the Polk A3. After the side by side test, I think you will realize why this set is VFM (Value for Money)

Why sell the speakers if they are as good as described?
Taste in music changed from fast to Jazz. The 9.4 is still capable for Jazz, but for Jazz music I prefer to use Vintage Speakers for the tone quality.

• Wharfedale 9.4 Floor Standers provides Heavy Bass that is not muddy.
- after the tweek, the vocals match the heavy bass.
• Wharfedale 10cs provides punchy bass for immersive HT experience.
• Very Affordable. Value for Money!

• both 9.4 and 10cs are rated at 6Ohms.
- make sure your AMP can handle 6Ohms efficiently
• Wharfedale 9.4 sensitivity is rated at 86db.
- this means that given the same power, it will produce less sound.
- minimum 100Watt amplifier is advisable.

Wharfedale Diamond 9.4 Floor Standing speakers.
- manufacturer's site: <click here>

BASS 6.5
TWEETER 25mm tex / Upgraded with Silk Dome
POWER 20-100W
FREQUENCY 40-24k @ -6dB
DIMENSIONS 223x800x301(height on spike & plinth 850)

Wharfedale Diamond 10Cs Center Speaker.
- manufacturer's site: <click here>
Format Centre
Bass/Mid Driver 2 X 125mm
Tweeter 25mm
Suitable Amplifier Power 20 - 150 w
Nominal Impedance 6 &#937;
A/V Shielded yes
Sensitivity (1W @ 1M): 89 dB
Nominal Frequency Range: 70-24kHz
HF Limit (-10dB) 44kHz
Freq. Fb 55Hz
Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz
Dimensions (mm)(H*W*D) 189*400*233
Height on spikes/feet (mm) 197


POLK Audio SurroundBar Digital One Step
for manufacturer's site: <click here>
Specs: <click here>

Stylish, Simple To Set Up & Dolby Digital Decoding.
Real Home Theater Sound Doesn't Get Any Easier
1) Put the SurroundBar under your TV on on a shelf or mount it on the wall.
2) Connect the your TV or cable box to the sound bar
3) Place the wireless subwoofer anywhere you want.
4) Take a Seat as you’re ready for a new level of TV enjoyment.

Experience the magic of a beautiful, sleek speaker system that perfectly complements your flat panel TV. Polk Digital Logic™, for more realistic sound that goes far beyond what Flat Panel LCD/LED TV speakers alone can deliver. So, whether you're watching a high-speed car chase on DVD or scoring a touchdown in your favorite sports game, growling engines and screaming fans seem to fill the entire room and immerse you in the action.

Importantly, it’s easy on your eyes and a party for your ears.

Condition: Used unit. Less than 1 Year Used.
Reason For Selling: Seldom used.
• Looks brand new as it was wall mounted.
• Installed in the Guest Room which rarely had guests.
- It is time for new toys but need to sell old toys first.
• Complete with the Remote, Box, Packaging and all Manuals

• Good only for a small room. Maybe 15Sq. Meters max
• Fixed System - You cannot upgrade it.
- But does not stop you from installing a 5.1 also.
110Volts as this was a direct import for personal use.

Clean Set-Up. No wires running around the room.
- good compromise with the wife who does not appreciate cables snaking around your bedroom.
• Sound bars require minimal space
Powered. No need for Receiver makes it very affordable
• 3-Input ports allows for flexibility. How we used it.
- 1 Optical Cable (Toslink) from DvD Player
- 1 Analog Cable 1/8”(3.5mm) from Cable Box
- 1 Analog Cable [/i]if you want[/i] from Ipod for music.
• Wireless sub woofer allows freedom of placement!
• Can also be used a computer speaker system... Imagine it!


YAMAHA YHT-296 [HTR-3064 Receiver + 5.1 Speakers]
Home Theater in a Box - Yamaha HTR-3064(100W x 5) with 5-Speakers and Subwoofer

Manufacturer's Overview:

The YHT-296 includes compact black gloss speakers with a feature-packed AV Receiver to deliver dynamic sound and video performance. YPAO automatic calibration and Yamaha’s SCENE function ensure simple operation while the HDMI inputs offer connectivity with the latest HD audio and video sources. The preset remote control simplifies useability by controlling TV’s and other devices, while the HDMI inputs allow connectivity to a Blu-ray player or game console. The YHT-296 is a great value and simple to use entry into home theater.

The receiver in the YHT-296 is the Yamaha HTR-3064 which features Yamaha’s YPAO system, a small microphone and sophisticated equalization to automatically set the best sound for any room, no matter where the speakers are. First it checks the speaker connections and phase of each speaker. Then it sends out tones which are captured by the microphone to analyze the room acoustics and sets a variety of parameters, such as the speaker size, the distance of the speakers and even the sound pressure level, etc. Until it achieves the best sound conditions for your room and you don't have to do anything!

The HTR-3064 also features HDMI connectivity with both 3D support and also Audio Return Channel. This means that you don't have to connect an optical cable from the TV to the YHT-296 receiver to get sound through your system rather than the television speakers. The audio is sent from the TV’s HDMI input to the output of the receiver, so all that is needed is one HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV.

In addition the HTR-3064 also features iPod/iPhone connectivity via Yamaha’s optional dock. This will not only play music through the receiver, but will provide control of an iPod via the YHT-296 remote, all while charging the iPod. There is also the ability to stream music wirelessly to the receiver using Yamaha’s optional YBA-10 Bluetooth dock.

Manufacturer's Page: <click here>

Personal Overview:

Reason for Selling: Selling for a Friend / Change of Mind
- unit was purchased but never used opted for a full audio set-up.
Complete Boxed Unit
Cosmetic: 10/10

Unlike most Home-Theaters-in-Box, the Yamaha YHT-296 is upgrade friendly. Most of HTIBs offer proprietary speaker connections which are not upgrade friendly. The YHT-296 offers Banana Type Connectors for the Front and Clip-Spring type for the center and surround. Most HTIB Subwoofer are passive models, on the YHT-296's sub-woofer is Active with connections through a Pre-Out port. Importantly the Yamaha HTR-3064 offers the YPAO Calbiration feature which is very helpful to achieve the best audio quality when rearranging the speakers or upgrading the speakers. At this price point, my opinion is this is a winning proposition.

• Yamaha HTR-3064 receiver provides excellent Home Theater performance.
- YPAO feature allows for easy calibration
- 1080p-compatible HDMI (4 in/1 out) with 3D and Audio Return Channel
- Compressed Music Enhancer Make Ipod sound like CD Playback
- 192kHz/24-bit Burr-Brown DACs for all channels
- iPod/iPhone compatibility with optional YDS-12 Universal Dock
- SCENE for Easy One-Touch Operation
Sub-woofer provides excellent Bass for the size.
- Yamaha’s exclusive Advanced Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) generates incredible bass from small speaker enclosures.
• Speakers: sound is crisp and zesty, delivering high-frequencies with a clear tone.
• Excellent Foundation to build-up a Full sized Home theater when needed. I would start with decent Book Shelf Speakers.

• Yamaha HTR-3064 does not offer On-Screen Display GUI.
• Honestly cannot think of any other at this price point. Trying hard to find a Negative would be the lack of midrange clarity.
– the sound is either treble-heavy or overly bassy, there seems to be a void in between. Speech sounds clear though, so at least you won’t miss any important dialogue
- with the excess budget you may upgrade to Bookshelf speakers to get the midrange!

Channel: 5.1
• Rated Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven): 100W (8ohms, 0.9% THD)
• Rated Output Power (1kHz, 2ch driven): 80W (8ohms, 0.9% THD)
• Dynamic Power per Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms): 110/130/160/180W

Sound Processing:
• Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Digital Plus /DTS-HD Master Audio
• DSP Programs: 17

Video Features:
• HDMI 3D pass through
• HDMI Audio Return Channel
• Deep Color/x.v.Color/24Hz Refresh Rate /Auto Lip-Sync


Affordable it may be, but ugly it ain’t. The 176mm-high NS-B20s are styled in a sleek gloss-black finish, with a curvy back end that oozes elegance. Below the grille is a recess that serves no real purpose but makes an interesting aesthetic feature. The centre speaker is horizontally aligned for easy placement under a TV, measuring 291mm wide. All of the satellites sport keyhole opening on the back for wall mounting.

Center: YAMAHA NS-C20 model
Type: Full-range acoustic suspension
Driver: 7cm full-range cone
Nominal Input Power: 30 W
Maximum Input Power: 100W
Sensitivity 84 dB/2.83 V/1 m
Connection: Spring clip terminals

Front and Surround: YAMAHA NS-B20(4pieces)
Type: Full-range acoustic suspension
Driver: 7cm full-range cone
Nominal Input Power: 30 W
Maximum Input Power: 100 W
Sensitivity 83 dB/2.83 V/1 m
Connection: Spring clip terminals

- Powered Subwoofer! Most HTIB only provide a Passive sub.
Type: Advanced YST with Linear Port
Driver: 16cm cone
Output Power: 50 W (5 ohms, 100 Hz, 10% THD)
Dynamic Power: 100 W
Weight: 7 kg