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(OUT OF STOCK) GREAT! Hp SimpleSave External Hard Drive (320Gb/500Gb)

Item Details
Item Name : GREAT! Hp SimpleSave External Hard Drive (320Gb/500Gb)
Item Type : Accessories
Condition : Brand New
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 3800.00
Warranty : 1 Year Distributor Warranty
Never have a hard drive failure? You’re lucky. But when that time comes (most probably it will), you’d better be ready or you’ll find that money can’t buy everything the hard way (definitely can’t buy back your lost data). A Hard drive will not last forever and when that disastrous time comes, you’d better be ready.

If you’ve been backing up your data consistently on a different partition, you might still want to consider: “What if the whole drive breaks?”. Or if you’ve been backing up on a different physical internal hard drive: “What if one day I get a surge and my whole computer is on fire?” (a bit extreme here but still a possibility). That’s when backing up on an external hard drive comes in handy!

HP provides a simple backup-restore solution with HP SimpleSave.

The HP SimpleSave is a collaboration between HP and Western Digital. The hard drive is just a simple USB-powered compact external hard drive, much like a Western Digital's My Passport external hard drive, but with HP branding and HP's SimpleSave feature built-in. The SimpleSave comes packed in a nice black and blue cardboard box as shown above. The metallic casing has a smooth glossy black finish that gives it a nice look and feel and the build quality is also good. There is a bright blue LED at the top of the drive which blinks when there is any drive activity. Inside the casing is a 2.5-inch Western Digital WD3200BEVT 5400RPM laptop hard drive with 8 MB buffer. If there is any complaint about the package it is that the drive does not come with a carry pouch, useful to carry the drive around and protect it from scratches.

HP say “the HP SimpleSave external hard drive series for customers needing a simple and automatic back up for photos, video, music and data." Actually, the SimpleSave external hard drive series make backing up your documents as easy as plugging the hard drive into your computer.

The SimpleSave backup software is present on the drive and springs into action as soon as the drive is connected to the PC. The SimpleSave program runs entirely from the disk itself which is great because you do not need CDs. The only time you need to interact with the SimpleSave software is the one click it takes to accept its License Agreement. After that, the software will automatically look for data that needs backing up and save a copy of that on its external storage.

By default, the SimpleSave software automatically makes a copy of popular known data files, including hard-to-find ones such as the Outlook archive, which is buried deep in your profile folder.

After the first full backup, it will only back up files that have been changed since the last backup, this will be done automatically every time the SimpleSave is plugged into your computer’s USB port. The software supports space-saving incremental backups, but won't keep old versions of files.

The SimpleSave can back up different sets of files from different computers, and once the 320GB disk fills up, older files aren’t discarded automatically to make space – you have to do this manually. The backup is simply the duplicate of the original files, making restoring very fast and easy.

The SimpleSave Portable has about the same data transfer speed of most USB-powered external hard drives. However, it's the first one that you can literally plug in and forget about it--and still be sure that your data will be properly backed up.

HP SimpleSave 320Gb/500GB Portable Hard Drive / HP part: AU811AA#ABA
For More information: <click here>

Cash Price;
320Gb Capacity - P3,800.00
500Gb Capacity - P4,700.00

Cash Price
- check payment subject to clearing.


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