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Item Name : *** HOME THEATER & AUDIO ***
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Does this sound like you? "I am surrounded by noise every day, starting with an insistent alarm clock that wakes me from sleep. The noise continues with instant messages popping up on my computer and endless meetings in the office. Add to this two children that demand the same energy and attention that you have exerted in the office. To break away from the outside world, at the end of the day I like to pop in a DVD/BD-Movie disc and make an escape. The theater journey brings me to a far-far away place, a change of scenery, a break from monotony, recharges my batteries, and puts me in a better mood ready to face the next day..." If can relate, maybe you will want to continue reading.

From the Movie "LIBERAL ARTS" - Dear Zibby, I canít thank you enough for introducing me to this music.

Beyond just genuinely loving it, I feel it is quietly altering my feeling about New York City, with which Iíve always had a slightly conflicted relationship. Iíve found that if you replace the horns and the shouting with, say, Schubert, or Telemann, the city becomes unbearable beautiful. After years of thinly disguised rage on both our parts itís like the music has mediated a truce between us.

The other day, I was crossing the street, lost in my head about something, a not uncommon state of affairs. I was listening to the overture and as the music began to swell, I suddenly realized that I had hands and legs and a torso and that I was surrounded by people and cars. Itís hard to explain exactly what happened. But I felt in that moment that the divine, however we may choose to define such a thing, surely dwells as much in the concrete and taxicabs as it does in the rivers. Lakes, and mountains. Grace, I realized, is neither time-nor place-dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack.


A lot have labelled CoolTOYZ as Laptop seller, but for us CoolTOYZ has always been a simple hobby shop. <click here>. Lately we have returned to our Hobby related to Audio. Actually, our journey in HT came even before laptops became our passion.

In our teens the passion was cars, and a hot car had to have a good sound system to complete the experience. The Car audio also included home Audio and HT, soon it also became our passion. As we matured and needed to work, mobile computing became a necessity and consequently Laptops became our passion.

Sometime in 2008, Laptops took a turn from a business machine to a Multi-media machine. From a Plain CD laptops began to feature DvD drives. Going a step further, HP featured "Altec Lansing" as the speaker brand for their laptops. Later other brands started integrating Hi-fi audio like:
Asus - B&O
MSI - dynaduio
Lenovo - JBL
HP now features Beats!

Before we knew it, we were back to our passion for Audio to maximize the Multi-media experience - the Home Theater[HT] experience. Allow us to clarify - WE ARE NOT EXPERTS!. We are only hobbyist that enjoy the Home Theater experience.

Based on our journey in Home Theater, once you progress in this hobby, you will realize the upgrade-itch never stops. Often you will start with a Home-Theater-in-a-Box(HTIB) system like those sold in SM Appliance. Often this is installed in your bedroom to improve the Movie experience. Then the upgrade bug strikes and results to converting your bedroom to a dedicated Theater room and sleeping in the sala... LoL!

Seriously with this hobby, you will experience that the time will come when you will want to sell your existing hardware to raise funds to buy new hardware. This is not for any logical reason, simply the desire to try the next level. There's a kind of precision about audio/video components, home theater and sound reproduction that's downright addictive, similar to the appeal of other technical hobbies like cameras, cars, and guns. They all have their own vocabulary and jargon, of course, and it's easy to get bogged down or enraged by it. You will progress from a 3.1 to 5.1 then to 7.1 and even desire a 9.2.

We have realized that when the upgrade itch bites and you will need to to sell your existing hardware, for SECURITY reason, you will not want to invite strangers to your house. We know this based on actual experience and this is why we have conceptualized CoolTOYZ to be a trading post or an avenue for our fellow enthusiasts to sell their pre-owned HT equipment. To begin, we will start with our own items and like we did for laptops share with you the pros and cons of each hardware for you to make an educated decision.

Moreover, we also want to feature the best DIY(Do it yourself) items related to Home Theater. We have found these to provide the most fulfilling experience. We have come to realize since returning to this hobby that because of technology the Sound Quality(SQ) difference between DIYs and branded is becoming very very close. Some call it "Clones", others DIY, whatever it is termed we would want to share this to those who would care to use their ears instead of eyes in deciding what to buy.

Do you share our observation - TV picture quality is becoming better everyday but sound quality is not improving. Televisions are also becoming thinner everyday, but have you noticed that as the TV gets thinner the audio becomes weaker? To maximize your High Definition LED TV you must partner it with a decent Audio system and this where the Home Theater Hobby comes in.

Allow us to repeat our invitation - visit us at the store. We have available movies but it is best that you bring your favorite Movie DvD/Blu-ray Disc[BD] because you know how it sounds in your own system. In case you take us on our invitation please share your inputs on how we can improve the set-up. We reiterate - No purchase is required! This hobby is best experienced when shared with fellow enthusiasts.

Best to call the store at 724-2109 before visiting.
The Best time to visit is 1:00PM to 3:00PM or 5:00PM to 7:00PM.
Between 3:00PM to 5:00PM traffic is bad because it is dismissal time.

See You!

A Good Read! Ha ha ha!

Audiophiles are what's left after almost all of the knowledgeable music and engineering people left the audio scene back in the 1980s. Audiophiles are non-technical, non-musical kooks who imagine the darnedestly stupid things about audio equipment. Audiophiles are fun to watch; they're just as confused at how audio equipment or music really works as primitive men like cargo cults are about airplanes. An audiophile will waste days comparing the sound of power cords or different kinds of solder, but won't even notice that his speakers are out-of-phase. An audiophile never enjoys music; he only listens to the sound of audio equipment.

Since sound and music perception is entirely imaginary (you can't touch or photograph a musical image), what and how we hear is formed only in our brains and is not measurable. Our hearing therefore is highly susceptible to the powers of suggestion. If an audiophile pays $5,000 for a new power cord, he will hear a very real difference, even though the sound is unchanged. Audiophiles do hear real differences in power cords when they swap among them (the placebo effect), but just don't ask them to hear the difference in a double-blind test.

Thank God I'm not an audiophile. Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something; in this case, it's audio equipment, but not music. An audiophile and a music lover are two entirely different people.

Audiophiles adore audio equipment, which is completely unrelated to enjoying music. In the good old days, music lovers only played with audio equipment because they had to, while audiophiles today would rather listen to their equipment than to enjoy music.

A music lover will stop what he's doing and stay glued to a favorite piece of music even if it's coming over a 3" speaker or a public-address system, while an audiophile almost never enjoys music, even if played on a $100,000 hi-fi.

Because audiophiles don't have the experience or education to understand what matters (the skill of the original recording engineer, the choice of loudspeakers, their placement in a room and the acoustics of that room), audiophiles spend fortunes on the wrong things, which are the high-profit-margin and well advertised items like cables, power conditioners, amplifiers, power cables, connectors, resistors, and just about everything that has almost nothing to do with the quality of reproduced music ó but makes loads of money for the people selling these fetishes. <click here>