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Other Gadgets

Vinyl LP Records Care Kits, LP Brush, Stylus Brush

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Item Name : Vinyl LP Records Care Kits, LP Brush, Stylus Brush
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Brand New
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
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The sound of Vinyl is unmatched! The sound quality is hard to explain but is very soothing compared to CDs and other Digital sources. Unfortunately Vinyls require much more maintenance than digital sources. Worse, it is almost impossible to get cleaning and maintenance kits in Manila. I had to import these directly and sharing the same to fellow Vinyl heads if they have the same needs.

AM Denmark A/S Static Off LP Brush [AM-25104]
Manufacturer Site: <click here>
Product Link: <click here>
Selling Price: P1,100.00

Very Efficient Brush to remove dirt that is set deep on the Vinyl Record. From actual experience, brush dirt using this carbon fiber brush, then wet clean using A/S Record cleaner, result - detailed sound quality!

AM Denmark A/S Record Cleaner - The Classic [AM-10104]
Product Link: <click here>
Selling Price: P1,350.00

On the Audio-Technica AT6012 the chemicals is applied on the Velvet brush. On this AM-10104 the cleaning chemical is applied or sprayed on the record itself. A brush is then provided to clean and wipe dry the record.

More Stylish in Black and Silver packaging. More Portable also.

Audio-Technica Record Clinica AT6012x (Made in Japan)
Product Link: <click here>
Product Link 2: <click here>
Price: P1,200.00

This product is for the ritualistic cleaning of LPs before use to remove any lint or dirt. Good partner with the AT6012 cleaning kit. AT6012 for deep cleaning, AT6012X for regular dust lifting

Audio-Technica AT6012 Record Brush Kit
Product Link: <click here>
Selling Price: P1,800.00

Microdust and contaminants can cause wear and tear on your records and stylus—they diminish sound quality, too. Audio-Technica’s AT6012 Record Care Kit is designed to gently remove contaminates while improving record fidelity and tracking.

AT6012 Record Care Kit contains:
1) Audio-Technica Record Care Solution (2 FL. OZ)
2) Sonic Broom brush pad
3) Storage base with double-sided adhesive tape.

Purpose: To clean old records.
You drop the cleaning fluid in the two holes on the velvet brush, wait for 5-minutes for the velvet to absorb the cleaning chemical, then brush your vinyl to get that clean and shinny appearance.

Great product, made my old records sound new again!
Highly recommended! Read the review by other users from Amazon <click here>

I started to collect vinyl records recently and I had bought a whole bunch from garage sales and goodwill's. Most of my records were extremely dirty and needed to be cleaned ASAP! So I went to look for the DISCwasher because I heard it was the best, but when I researched I found it not to be as great as the one back in day. So I kept browsing and found this gem. I had so many records that popped and even skipped and now they play like brand new!! Sooo worth the money!!!!

Audio Technica AT607 Stylus Cleaner
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
Price: P1,050.00

Proven made in Japan stylus cleaner that does a great job! A small applicator brush is attached to the cap for easy stylus cleaning. The Audio-Technica AT607 special cleaning formula dissolves and whisks away foreign material that hinder proper tracking and tracing of record grooves. Its regular use extends both stylus and record life. The Audio-Technica AT607 stylus cleaner restores the diamond tip to pristine clean and lifts the music hidden by a dirty stylus.

This is an must have purchase for anyone who owns a turntable.

AM Denmark Stylus Cleaner with Fluid [AM-25101]
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
Price: P965.00

Purpose: To clean and lubricate the stylus.
Highly recommended based on actual use.

Immediately after use on your stylus the sound quality becomes smooth and silky... take note: IMMEDIATE RESULTS!
The lubricating effect on the stylus provides greater enjoyment of Vinyls.

Product Link: <click here>
Selling Price: P1,056.00 only

A simply brush for cleaning your stylus if you are a purist and do not believe in the use of chemicals.

Audio Technica AT615 Precision Turntable Level
Manufacturer's Site: <click here>
Price: P1,800.00

Leveling a turntable is essential to ensure proper performance.
If your turntable isn’t level, its speed, tracking ability and tone-arm motion may be affected. The Audio-Technica AT615 machined aluminum turntable level is simple to use, allowing for quick and accurate measurements.

Housed in a 36 mm diameter polished machined aluminum cylinder, the AT615 spirit level is both accurate and very easy to use. Place it on the center and four corners and level each shelve. Then level the equipment. Accurate and easy to use

AM Denmark A/S AM 10101 - Record Cleaner - The Classic - OUT OF STOCK
Product Link: <click here>

Spray the liquid on the grooves over the entire record in a thin even layer. Normally it is recommended to apply 5-6 buffs on the record. Use the special microfibre cloth to wipe off the fluid along the grooves. You will find the cloth in the lid. The record is now cleaned and eliminated from static, as well as the friction is considerably reduced between the stylus and the groove, so that less distortion is obtained.

In the Groove Record Cleaner - OUT OF STOCK

In The Groove is an ingenious new record cleaning roller. Its patented material was designed by a surgeon for use in the operating room where it keeps surgical instruments close at hand. This patented material has been re-purposed as one of the coolest record cleaning tools ever designed.

The soft, sticky substance sinks deep down into the grooves, pulling out years of debris and removing ticks and pops from your vinyl. Place any LP on a flat surface and roll In The Groove on the record following the grooves. No fluids or cleaning agents needed. When it gets dirty, just rinse it off under the sink and blot it dry with a paper towel. The sticky surface will be good as new. Our highest recommendation for an entry-level record cleaning tool!

In The Groove also removes dirt and fingerprints from:
Flat-Panel Televisions
Computer/Laptop Screens
iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Any cell phone

Its uses are endless, it lasts forever and you don't need any cleaning chemicals!

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