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Other Gadgets

Sony TA-F505ESD Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Built-in DAC)

PhP 15888.00
Item Details
Item Name : Sony TA-F505ESD Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Built-in DAC)
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 15888.00
Warranty : 1-Month Warranty
Sony was "Apple" for those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's. As example Sony was the first to introduce the "walkman", which today is an ipod. Sony had the "it" features that made it desirable, and this TA-F505ESD is a perfect example.

The top of the line Sony products were the "ES" model, an acronym meaning "Extreme High Standard" (somehow the Japanese forgot the H). This TA-F505ESD is one of those special products at the height of Sony's popularity. The "D" in the model stands for "Digital" as this model has a build in DAC(Digital to Analogue Converter) and was one of the very first product to offer such feature. Music data is fed through digital cables like COAX and Optical Cables, then converted to Analogue through the built-in D / A converter of PDM (Pulse Density Modulation). The result is that there is minimal signal loss and details of the music are retained.

If you desire that unique clean and detailed SONY sound, here is one gear that will satisfy your craving.

Signature Sony Sound - Clear, dynamic, and balanced.
Built in DAC with multiple connections.
- one coaxial input and three optical input
- compatible with sampling frequency of 32KHz, 44.1KHz, of 48KHz, - you can check LED indicator lights up.
Built in PHONO Stage for both MM and MC
Independent A/B/A+B Amplifiers.
- You can connect 4-speakers or bi-wire this hard to drive speakers
SOURCE DIRECT Button Pure Audio playback
Vintage Look complete with the Wood Side Panel

No Built-in Tuner
No Remote Control

- Selling Price: P15,000.00 only
- product link: <click here>


140W + 140W (4-ohms) / 120W + 120W (6-ohms) / 105W + 105W (8-ohms)
Speaker A or B or A+B selection.
- Upgraded Binding Post to accept Banana Plugs
Digital Inputs: Optical (3) + COAX (1)
- sampling frequency 32KHz, 44.1KHz, of 48KHz
Analogue Inputs: CD + Tuner + Tape + Phono with built in Amplifier MM/MC(40-Ohms)/MC(3-Ohms)
&#149; with SOURCE DIRECT Button for no processing pure audio
Power: AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 275Watts
Weight: 22.6kg (Super Heavy)

Vintage but Like new
Unit and Power Cord only. No Box and Manuals

[quote]Translation from Japanese: It is equipped with a D / A converter of PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) scheme to the D / A converter. It consists of an electronic one switch and one current source, the data comes in from the digital circuit, it is decomposed by high-speed operation it is converted into a pulse train of 10 million or more per second PDM system I have output Te. As a result, there is no occurrence or glitches differential non-linear distortion, the zero cross distortion. In TA-F505ESD, it is equipped with the system one coaxial input and three optical input system. In addition, it is also compatible with sampling frequency of 32KHz, 44.1KHz, of 48KHz, you can check LED indicator lights up.

The TA-F505ESD adopted (Spontaneous Twin Drive) STD power in the power-source part. In the STD power, A is independent of the B power of the power stage for A and Class A power stage for the rectifier circuit of the power amplifier section. I'm prevent interference of the power stage A and class stage to occur on a large output by this. In TA-F505ESD, it is equipped with a 24,000F A class stage total 12,000F, power stage as electrolytic capacitor of the rectifier circuit. Further, it employs a large capacity in consideration of the balance of the capacitor to the transformer, and hardened firmly compound filled in a magnetic shield case, and is suppressing vibrations. The electrolytic capacitor that make up the rectifier circuit, and as it is thorough measures vibration-proof and reduce the squeal of the foil, and has adopted what was examined enough sound quality.

Thank you for Looking.