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Other Gadgets

SHOCKPROOF PADS - isolation for Speakers/CDP/TT

PhP 120.00
Item Details
Item Name : SHOCKPROOF PADS - isolation for Speakers/CDP/TT
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Brand New
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 120.00
Warranty : None

A year ago, through a fellow Music Lover we offered the Earthquake pads(shown above) as an option to isolate audio gears from vibrations. It sold out very fast and we continued to request for the same item.

The Earthquake pads are again available, now with two sized to match the size of your gears

My turntable manual states: "The TURNTABLE should be placed on a heavy, solid, support located as far from speakers as possible. At times, using a shock mounted base helps reduce vibration pickup."

My CDP manual states: "CD Players which are susceptible to acoustic feedback should be mounted on solid supports to isolate them acoustically. Another method to isolate the CD Player is to mount it on four rubber or plastic legs which have a predetermined amount of elasticity".

Spikes or cones are the natural option for those who intend to isolate speakers and devices. While researching I read that: "In some recent issues of the audio magazine, ‘Hi Fi News’ [ref 1], Keith Howard used an accelerometer to measure the levels of vibration in various objects. When he tried measuring the vibrations produced in a loudspeaker stand by playing the speaker he found a result that surprised him. With the speaker unit sitting on cones the level of vibration of the stand was over one hundred times greater than if the cones were replaced with small rubbery feet. This indicates that cones are of doubtful use if the intention is to stop vibrations passing from the speaker to the stand, or to any other solid objects against which the speaker may sit.

In fact, this result is also consistent with the predictions you can get by looking into the theory of vibrations in solid structures and objects. [ref 2] The theory and actual measurements seem to agree that hard cones and spikes are not necessarily a sensible choice if vibration isolation is what you require. An air gap or soft rubbery feet would probably be much better
." <click here>.

The common denominator is the recommendation to use soft rubber. But where do you find such an item at an affordable price?

Then I read an article at Vinylengine - "I think as long as the turntable support is not allowing the table to twist I think isolation pads will be a benefit as I recently found out. Stopping vibrations from speakers getting back to the stylus even with the turntable wall mounted as mine is needed isolation pads. The problem with spikes is you are making the shelf part of the plinth.

On my recent trip to Brisbane the missus found this shop called Daiso Japan (mostly full of Cr@p in my opinion but she liked it :roll: ). While she was shopping I had a look round myself and found some packets of shockproof pads. I don't remember the price but it was only a couple of dollars for a pack of 4 slightly sticky soft blue squares. I tried them out the other day and they work a treat, no feedback what so ever. Anyone in AUS who wants a cheap isolation solution you wont get much cheaper than this.[/u]
<click here>"

I then contacted a fellow music lover who is based in Japan and requested for a few packs of the shockproof pad.

The initial results were very good. At the least the pads did not make the sound quality deteriorate. The following are my personal observations:

1. CD Player - sound quality became cleaner / more detailed.
2. Turntable - more controlled sound, whereas before sudden impact of drum roll will change sound quality.
3. Bookshelf Speaker on Stands - tighter, cleaner bass, along with clarity in mid-range. Loss of "pitchy" high notes.
- sticks like BLUTACK but definitely much better Sound Quality
4. Tube Pre-AMP - no difference in Sound Quality. Just added peace of mind that the Vintage tubes are free from vibrations.
5. Power Amplifier - No noticeable change.

After trial for 2-months I decided to order more and offer to fellow music lovers. The item has arrived and are available for immediate purchase.

Only P120.00 per Pack - either Wide or Narrow
Disclaimer: "This product can buffer shock and vibrations to a certain extent. But the company is not responsible for any disaster, accident, damage caused."

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