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Other Gadgets

Duevel Planet [White] - Omni-directional Speakers

PhP 45000.00
Item Details
Item Name : Duevel Planet [White] - Omni-directional Speakers
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 45000.00
Warranty : 1 Week Testing Warranty
Duevel Planet Speakers [White]
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- Pre-owned. Like New. Complete with Box
- Selling Price: P45,000.00

There is a lot of things that can be written to describe how these speakers behave in terms of imaging. I'd just say the omnidirectional experience is stunning, so much that it will be hard to get back to traditional speakers after a listening session with these Planets. Feeling almost completely free from that sweet spot is something that even expert audiophiles should experience once in a lifetime.

The 3D soundstage created by these speakers is wide and geometrically well developed in three dimensions. In particular, the height of the soundstage is impressive! It is not that kind of pin-point imaging many audiophiles aim at, it is rather a more natural scene where singers and players occupy a precise position without appearing unnaturally sharp-focused. When listening to a large orchestra in a hall it is hard to detect the precise contours of the instruments, unless you are sitting right in front of them, right? Don't expect extremely precise contours as these can't be obtained with these speakers. Still, these Planets offer you a realistic 3D soundstage that isn't too influenced by the position of your seat or head. If that's not a plus then please tell me what it is :-)

Summarizing, the Duevel Planets will lead you to an amazing interstellar overdrive among different musical galaxies, and they will do that smoothly, gently, sweetly and naturally. They won't distract you with a cold and artificially precise performance. They will rather caress your ears and let the Music flow effortlessly.

How much did I like these speakers? Much, very much! I'd love to keep them with me but unfortunately I already have too many loudspeakers so another pair is definitely out of question :-)
They are so easy to listen to that you can easily forget your HiFi system: never (I mean, NEVER) fatiguing, incredibly big sounding, they also magically disappear from the listening room. They just leave the Music flow for hours and hours.

Who is their potential customer? First of all a Music lover who prefers a speaker that doesn't force him in a sharp listening position, allowing for multiple listeners without problems, and for countless hours of pure musical enjoyment. Secondly, they can conquer the heart of a seasoned audiophile who has tried everything he could, even the most radical approaches, and now is just searching (downsizing?) for a relatively inexpensive loudspeaker that just plays Music without evoking sad audiophile paranoias.

Specs: Two-ways system, omnidirectional technology, horn tweeter, crossover cut at 4100 Hz
Sensitivity: 85 dB/w/m
Frequency response: not declared
Nominal power handling: 50 watt RMS
Nominal impedance: 4 ohm
Size: 84 x 26 x 15.6 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 11 kg (each)

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