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Other Gadgets

OPPO 103 Universal Player - Bluray, USB, Streamer

PhP 22000.00
Item Details
Item Name : OPPO 103 Universal Player - Bluray, USB, Streamer
Item Type : Other Gadgets
Condition : Used
Branch : Greenhills, San Juan | Location Map
Price : PhP 22000.00
Warranty : 1 Week Testing Warranty
OPPO 103 Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
Product Link: <click here>
Personal Take: Plays everything from Bluray, DSD, SACD, DVD, CDs and digital files via USB or LAN.
- it is a media player, streaming player and disc player rolled into one.
- with an optical drive you may compare your music rips to the original CDs. Yes can play WAV files and DSD
- Importantly the picture quality of an Oppo is superb!

Cons: Cinnavia active and does not play ISO.
- scratches on the rear USB Port and HDMI Port.
- Missing screw (never needed to open the unit but missing a screw)

Otherwise Excellent operation.

OUTPUTS: HDMI(2), Analogue(7-Channel)
Very slightly used as I have two(2) units.
- this one was just used as a Digital Music player controlled via Ipad.

RFS: Oppo 105D.

Only P22,000.00
- Complete with WiFi Dongle, Box, Manuals, and all accessories(Oppo Bag).

I began my evaluation of the BDP-103 with Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man (Columbia) on DVD. No up-sampling Blu-ray player (or DVD player for that matter), the BDP-103, can make SD look like HD, though through the 103, I felt as if it got closer than anything I have seen prior. Specifically, I noted the sharpness of the image in terms of edge fidelity which, when coupled with a surprising lack of noise, made for a better than straight DVD image that was but a few ticks behind being mistaken for Blu-ray in certain scenes. In darker scenes, the image wasn't as effective as it was when fully lit, but again, it was able to be enjoyed and enjoyed thoroughly. Colors were rich but natural, and I noted that skin tones were rendered especially well, though surface texture and detail ultimately lacked in direct comparison to its Blu-ray counterpart. Motion was also very smooth, and as near as I could tell, motion artifacts were kept to an absolute minimum.

What's left to say about the Oppo's new BDP-103 universal Blu-ray player, except that it is currently the universal disc spinner to have and the one to beat and the fact that it doesn't cost you an arm, leg and kidney is just icing on the cake. There isn't anything this mighty player can't really do outside of a few missing formats, mainly ISO, and true UltraHD compatibility. Beyond that, the BDP-103 is all the player you need and then some. It's even an AV preamp, if you wish to get technical. So rather than hype it up more than I already have, let me just say that if you're in the market for a new state-of-the-art universal and network-connected Blu-ray player, then the only option worth considering at this time is the $499 Oppo BDP-103. It's simply amazing. <click here>